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Mar. 5th, 2006 11:31 am
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Comment with an interest in being interviewed and I'll think up some questions for you. Comment with some questions and I'll try to answer them.

When you were a kid (subjected to religious brainwashing), did you believe in God?
I was a natural atheist when I was a kid, my folks were pretty mum on the whole subject and I had trouble understanding other people's belief in God. Later on, at seventeen, I stared a late teenage rebellion by going to a fairly evangelical/pentecostalish church pretty regularly. I tried to believe in God, maybe even did from time to time, but was rather frustrated that He wasn't making himself make more sense. That house of cards eventually came tumbling down.
Do you ever eat junk food? If so, what?
I will plug holes in my calorie intake with chocolate bars from time to time, and like chips, particularly the salty-tangy flavours like lime and pepper, salt and vinegar and the salt and salt chips referred to as "regular". I think I keep it reasonable and eat a fair amount of real food, but I'm no purist.
Do you have any very secret interests that wouldn't be acceptable to "hippiedom"? (Examples ... cars, blowing stuff up, styrofoam ...)
Well, I hang around some pretty accepting hippies. I guess chemical warfare against basically peaceful bedbugs just doing their thing is an un-hippie-ish approach. So is Western Medicine in my conception of hardcore hippiedom, even when used on a pet rat. So is having worked at a government agency to help The Man count and classify all us Canadians. But none of the above are really very secret.
What's something you really liked as a teenager that you're not keen on now?
My tastes in music have changed a bunch (in some cases — I'm not so keen on the Barenaked Ladies anymore, they pretty much didn't make it when I moved from tapes to CDs) and in my late teens I liked the church a lot more than I do now. Doctor Who isn't terribly important to me now, but that might just be the lack of TV. Perhaps when it's available to me I'll lap up all the new episodes.
Have you ever dyed your hair or pierced anything?
I have never done either — I've shaved my head down to smooth before, but the only holes I get made in me are for vaccinations and blood donations, and my hair colour changes only in relation to how much sun it's getting.
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