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Two tests this afternoon... but I’m slow to tie up the loose ends are still out there. Well, here's my surrender to not getting a grammar written today.

Very much looking forward to it.

Celebrated Mother’s Day last weekend with as many mothers from my mom's side of the family in one place as possible. There was lots of food, and us older kids kept tabs on the younger kids as we took a constitutional walk around a farm my cousin has put an offer on.

This week so far, I've debriefed with Matt on this year's run of 256, programmed, met with Emily about Lies revisited (watching the other programmer work is like having an out-of-body experience: we have the same cycle and rhythm, narrate debugging the same way, gesture the same... all he needs is more hair and no glasses... that's ME you're being there, except in PHP instead of ActionScript! Stop it!), practiced yoga, tried to straighten out a two month overlap between leases, and talked and kissed and stuff.

I also did the traditional failing of the first road test last Wednesday (on the first snowy day of the season!). The roads are safe from me for another month or so.

Date: 2007-12-15 06:39 pm (UTC)
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I failed my driver's test too, but I still haven't got the nerve to go take it again. I failed in September. I could've taken it the next week. I hate driving. :(


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