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The final show in Elizabeth's tour was a house show in Bedford. The place was cozy and bright, and our hosts were very welcoming. Their kids were around for the show and wandered in and out, their elder son concluded the concert with a piano rendition of a Green Day song. Monique and George sent us (including Dusty Keeler, the other performer) home with a bottle of wine and smiles all 'round. I also found out that George uses some survey data that my unit at work deals with from time to time, and that he's looking forward to the results of some of my record linkage projects.

We had a relaxed evening at Dusty's place, crashed there, and then returned the car and caught our flight back the next morning. Returning on Monday, Elizabeth taught in the evening and I celebrated the 29th birthdays of two of my co-workers (the first 29th for one, the second 29th for the other).

Consequently, I had a short week at work this week: two days as I took a vacation day on Tuesday in case of exhaustion or delay — it was a good idea, I think. It looks like I'll be sharing my thesis with my division sometime soon, and I had a manageable pile of interesting work (and 84 unread e-mails) waiting for me upon my return. Next month, I'll help supervise some visiting interns from France.

Now, I'm in Ormstown at my parents' place, with cooking smells in the air and the woodstove popping and breathing nearby. Back to another short week on Tuesday, and then my first Scrabble tournament next Saturday.
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