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Vivien in May Queen paper crown
Vivien came with all of us to the Beltaine/May Day ritual at Judith's, wearing this paper May Queenish crown. We put it in with the offering bowl.

Vivien in sun hat sitting in high chair, with cream of wheat
Vivien is making use of this sun hat that used to fit Oscar (he wore it as a campaign "volunteer" strapped to me last election), and the high chair (which is currently kind of contested between both kids). She's eating Cream of Wheat, which has a ludicrous amount of iron, which she is a little short on, according to our pediatrician. We're also supplementing her with vaguely fruit-flavoured liquid, but we may as well work on getting more in her diet, too. In other Vivien news, she has pincer grasp figured out, and started blowing raspberries on us today. She also has six teeth, about four of with turned up in the space of a month in April, and is growing out of a lot of clothes.

I went back to work this week. It took a few days to get re-oriented and re-acclimated, but I'm feeling more comfortable now that familiar routines are re-starting (regular meetings, getting normal work done, getting a feel for what's happening in my and nearby projects). Elizabeth has managed to stay busy with the kids during the day, and we managed to grab family lunch in Hintonburg on Wednesday. My supervisor seems extra-inclined to (i) treat us all like grown-up professionals who can manage their own time and (ii) bend over backwards to respect language rights and supervise in people's language of choice (which in my case will depend on how well the kids slept the night before — I want to keep up my French skills and make her life a little easier, but only if I feel I'll be intelligible). The other disclosure control guy gave me a good update that included some cool stuff I'm glad he did, and some things he'd like to delegate that are my idea of fun. All in all, I think I can do some good things this year and learn a lot, and I think I have the backing of my co-workers to pull it off. I lost by 120 points or so at lunchtime Scrabble, but it was by the club leader, and I lost with almost 400 points, a bingo and all real words, so it was still a good start to my season.

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