Aug. 28th, 2007

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I'm pretty much camped out down here by de l'Eglise with four cute furry mammals, adequately patched Internet and pretty much set up.

Back up the hill, the bugs have been hit with my latest bout of chemical warfare, this time with a thorough swabbing of the floor with bleach solution to kill any eggs 'twixt the floorboards. I fully intend to win this time. They'll now starve for a few seconds, then break two eggs over resulting mixture and stir continuously until egg is cooked and broken up. It will look like ground meat and pick up some goodies, see city hall, a soon-to-be-cut-back Marks and Spencer Food Store and the London bridge and some random bits of London. Tonight: pack, take stock, read proceedings, do whatever I’ve forgotten, and get some sleep for a day or so to unwind with the folks, pick up mail and rearrange electrical appliances to reduce the crushing fee disparity between in-province and out-of-province students, because I think that the GSA and the CSU are capable of working more closely on projects of mutual interest, and because Ezra and the rest of the world should stop whining and help the US subdue Iraq, and how our cherished freedoms and processes ought to be changed. I wish we’d talked about classes, gossip and D&D instead...
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The weekend before my thesis defence, Ellie and I went to Montreal and then to the country. We popped in on [ profile] aeon_of_maat to wish him a belated happy birthday, and I took a side-trip to meet with a programming patron — possibly my last freelance gig for a while, but needed money and an interesting job. We then went out to the country and hit a friend's barbecue on a quaint little farm in the depths of the country.

Sunday we spent at my parents' place, I tweaked and pondered my presentation, Ellie worked on sewing, and we took some time to walk around the property.

I slept terribly before the thesis: partly because we were catching the bus to Montreal very early in the morning, partly nerves, I guess. Four of us — my parents, Ellie and me, caught the bus up and got coffee near the university. Ellie and I went ahead to pick up a projector and do some last minute prep while my folks checked out the art store at Concordia.

My thesis defense was about an hour, split between presenting and questions. My folks and Ellie, as well as one of my colleagues, were there in addition to the panel, and things went smoothly, if a tad long, in the presentation. The questions were substantial but not brutal, and prefaced with approval of the thesis and of my work with the research group. We didn't have to wait too long to find out that, with a few simple fixes, my thesis could proceed, approved, to binding and placement in the library.

My parents had to leave soon after to catch the bus back, so Ellie and I wandered off together to pick up her re-sized engagement ring (we'd tried to retrieve it from the Bay on Saturday, but with the giant crack scare we couldn't), and have some lunch at Santropol, where we were happily accosted by my cousins and given a "family eats free" lunch.

I'm still probably going to attend convocation, but I think the defence (along with actually writing the thesis) are the defining moments of doing a master's degree.

I figure that such a document has such a small circulation that to give the acknowledgements any weight, they may as well be published one Web search from all the people mentioned. So, without any further ado:

If you helped and you google your own name… )


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