Jun. 6th, 2010

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The week before last, I went to the annual meeting of the SSC and made a short presentation on a statistical disclosure control procedure. The rest of the time, I listened to what other people were up to, met statisticians from near and far, soaked up the conference atmosphere and explored Quebec a bit. I took a few photos on a couple of walks through the older parts of the city and along the riverbank:

selected photos, in order of taking )

Today, Elizabeth's adult students had a recital along with other students from the music school she teaches at. I've heard the piano accompaniment to some of the songs pretty regularly lately; it was fun to hear the students supply the vocals, and put another face or two to names. Afterwards we walked the length of South Keys, getting some pants for me and some food for both of us, and ran into one of my favourite developers and her boyfriend, who were shopping for nice ways to embarrass his daughter at her bachelorette. I like running into people in new contexts; I hope his daughter is ready to deal with realizing that her smiling, grey-haired parent and parent-partner aren't scandalized by verb/body-part dice...


metawidget: A platypus looking pensive. (Default)
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