Mar. 14th, 2011

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There were a few once-a-decade snapshots of living situations out there in blogland lately. In Canada, we have a census twice as often. Here are a few details of what my living situation was around each Census time that I've been alive (including a projection for this year — early May is coming fast!)

Living in an upstairs flat with my parents in Notre Dame de Grâce, a neighbourhood west of downtown Montreal that almost every English speaker just shortens to NDG (and NDG had a lot of English speakers at the time). Chewing on doors and, at least at census time, the only kid in the house.

Counting myself in… )
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So, we found that Oscar was having a blast in a laundry basket in front of a mirror. Then I took some video footage (not thinking, I took it portrait-sideways, which is why the laptop is on its side). Then Oscar saw the video of him, and I had to take another video of him enjoying the video of himself in the mirror. I'm sure someone has thought of this before, but we were laughing.

Recursive baby )

And yes, he was similarly excited at this video too.

Here are some stills of Oscar and the mirror (without recursion):

Non-recursive baby )

After all that new media excitement, Oscar is now sleeping soundly beside me, for now…


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