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My last picture post featured kids with pumpkins. I still haven't figured out how to do them easily from a mobile device, so here's a big raft of pictures curated and posted at the big computer. Woodgie away! We start covered in snow.

Oscar and Vivien in the snow

Christmas photo candidate.

Oscar and Elizqbeth shovelling snow

Shovelling the driveway: Oscar is looking forward to doing it again already.

A gingerbread house

Oscar was very keen on this being included.

Viv among a large scatter of children's books

Who, me?

Viv stirring some batter

Helping make pancakes!

Viv sitting in the computer desk

Viv and books: a recurring theme.

Eric, Oscar, Elizabeth with Viv in front

Family selfie.

Oscar getting staticked with a balloon

Science: it works on Oscar!

Oscar in a tree

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's place.

Viv with a soccer ball

Just a cute Viv photo.

Oscar in a wheelbarrow with Grandpa

Oscar sitting still (sort of).

Two weirdos dancing while holding masks.

Spring ritualling.

Viv behind some netting.

Exploring the monkey cage... uh, baggage area. On the train to Montreal in the spring.

Vivien behind a giant steering wheel

Checking out the equipment at the Ormstown fair.

Oscar on a big tractor.

More test-driving.

Viv in a bike helmet beside a stuffed poodle.

Hanging out with the Byward Market wildlife.

Oscar and Viv with a pot and a bowl on their head.

Our local Boom Band.

Oscar with a grownup-sized backpack

Ready to hike!

Viv in a chair with one shoe and raisins

Viv in a chair with one shoe and raisins.

Over the Civic Holiday weekend, we went to Maine for my cousin's wedding; here are a few pictures from there.

Oscar crawling out of a wedding tent

Oscar might have felt the wedding cocktail was a bit crowded.

Oscar and super-cousins on the rocks

There were rocks to climb at the beach wedding: Oscar and his super-cousins climbing.

Oscar with his feet in the ocean

Atlantic Ocean, meet Oscar.

Me in the ocean.

I'm being dapper in the ocean after 20 years or so of not being in the ocean.

Viv in a fancy red convertible

There was a fancy car at the wedding cocktail.

Windswept Oscar with flowers

We took a trolley with open sides to the reception.

Oscar, Viv and wedding guest with heap of croquet set

Playing campfire with a croquet set.

Vivien with a bow stuck to her

... and Vivien is two years old!

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