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Here are some pictures from the summer in kind of random order. It's been a fun and busy summer, with lots of weddings. And not that many pictures...

The bunch of us at Heather's family's cottage.

Me reading to the family on a chaise longue with a log wall in the background.

Ada looking heroic on a tricycle. With our nascent garden boxes in the background.

Ada on a tricycle on our front lawn.

Lord magus Vivien at the Museum of Civilization.

Vivien with a horned hat in a theatre set.

Vivien in wine country at my cousin's awesome wedding.

Vivien in a blue dress dancing with other kids in the background.

Birthday Vivien in a flower crown from [ profile] wisewomanjudith.

Vivien in a flower crown on our backyard.

Ada enjoying the basement furniture Josie and Lisa's wedding at the Vielle Brasserie in Lachine.

Ada in a stone-walled basement with file cabinets in the background, on a chair.

Second family portrait in this set, from Capital Pride Family Picnic.

Us in a big photo frame, with Oscar holding a pinwheel and Vivien in cat face paint.

Oscar's first day of school.

Oscar in front of the school steps, with backpack, bike and helmet.

Dairy Queen parking lot picture.

Vivien and Ada climbing a blue bike rack.

Kind of like those early pics of Viv in the hospital... but not.

Vivien in front of a planter, with shiny glasses.


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