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Pietra has a Comic Sans label and claims to be strong (6%) and contain chestnut flour. It comes in a skinny brown bottle. I tasted it with bruschetta.

Pouring it cold into a tumbler, it had a thin, quickly-dissipating head and a nice amber colour. Top to bottom, it had a nice aroma of grain and malt with a little bit of spiciness. Despite being basically transparent and light-coloured, it has a nice weightiness to it (but not too much). The bubbles were plentiful and prickly. It was a nice mix of interesting and refreshing — I could drink a lot of it in the right circumstances. It reminds me a little of Molson Ex (Do they even make it anymore? Apparently they do, but it had dropped off my radar… all I see is Canadian and Dry where I see Molson-branded stuff, and I see even more Coors light), but more so. I see it's also available (at least in Corsica) in 75 cl corked "formidables" — that seems like the right format for this straightforward and tasty beer.

Date: 2010-08-31 11:32 am (UTC)
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Corsica makes up for its crummy wines by producing the best beers that France has to offer. You're bang on the money with comparing Pietra to an Ex - they're marketed similarly, as generic beers that go with everything, and don't necessarily excel at anything except being generic. I don't mean that derisively, as there's a real place for that sort of beer, to be sure. The other beers that Pietra (the brasseur) makes are in the same genre, and are both quite good on hot summer days. :)


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