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1. What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
Fathered a child (well, I guess some salient bits were done in 2009), grew peas, built a hardwood floor, drafted a will, published a statistics paper, took a train in business class, drove a pickup truck.
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Save the Tranzac, buy Elizabeth's CD

My wife, Elizabeth Bruce, has played a couple of times at the Tranzac, and it is a cultural institution and an awesome venue. It's in dire straits right now, so she's giving half the purchase price of her CD to the rescue effort until the end of 2010. If you don't have a CD and like her music, now is a good time to get a copy. If you like the Tranzac in a larger-donation sort of way, or don't want a CD, you can also donate to them directly.
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I'm enjoying work lately, working on one of those projects that's fairly fast-paced and has lots of finnciky, almost craftsmanlike aspects to it. The people are really nice, too.

Today, Elizabeth and I went to the Great Glebe Garage Sale with a couple of our friends from up here and their 3-month old baby. Babies make almost everyone around you happy, and hanging out with recently-parentfied friends is a little hard to arrange but so nice.

I made off with a stack of books and CDs, as well as a shirt and a grater (one of those nice four-sided ones with different surfaces on each side), for around $20. The baked goods tables scattered around the neighbourhood were tasty, too. It was a little disconcerting to see so many people attempting to navigate the sale by car — but the other 90% seemed to be on foot!

Next weekend is Elizabeth's and my first anniversary. It's been an eventful and generally happy year. We'll probably go up to Wakefield to celebrate, and eat at someplace we enjoyed last year as newlyweds...
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If you feel like it, consider yourself tagged; if not, don't!

1. I have lived in Quebec for all my life except for four months in Ottawa.
2. I have had over two dozen roommates over the years.
3. My great-grandmother was a radio personality, cookbook author and newspaper columnist who advised young wives to save their potato water for starching shirts.
4. The worm bin I started has now travelled with us through four different addresses, and the worms are still alive.
5. There are seven keys on my keychain, not counting my USB key and a RFID thingie for Communauto.twenty more... )
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Went to the craft fair in Wakefield with Elizabeth today... it was really crowded and chaotic in there, but we did find some promising-looking jams and jelly, and looking around was kind of neat. I ran into one of our client-division people from work, selling her wares, too.

We then wandered into town, chatted up some friendly shopkeepers, and started on a bit of Christmas shopping. Wakefielders seem to be almost universally friendly.

Upon returning home, I made some celery root salad while Elizabeth washed the dishes.

Last night we made some recycled ornaments from aluminum cans. Embossing them with ball-point pens gives a really nice effect.
Aluminum can ornaments: shooting star by me and fish by Elizabeth

A week from tomorrow, I'll be in Peterborough doing a survey. Two weeks from yesterday, Elizabeth will be performing at The Spill in Peterborough, at 3 p.m., and two weeks from today, she'll be doing her thing at Tranzac in Toronto, at 7 p.m. If you're in the area, be there or be square!
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On Saturday, Elizabeth and I got married out in Ormstown, and celebrated with a bunch of family and friends.

Elizabeth has already posted some of her thoughts here, I'll add a few things for now, starting with pictures.
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The ceremony was intimate and intense: Elizabeth and I both were on the verge of tears while we made our vows. We'd both known Ellie Hummel before we asked her to officiate, and it showed in how she did things. We'd planned on getting married outside under the apple tree, but it was threatening to rain, so we packed everyone into the basement of André's farmhouse, which felt like a tiny church, crypt or castle, with stone walls and metal and painted decorations. It was pretty hot, and very crowded, but it felt right. We did burst out to the yard with the tree for a toast and pictures afterward.

Later on, Owen had picked out a poem involving love and Scrabble for us at the cake-cutting, which was quite appropriate. I'll try and get the author and title. The folks at StatCan Scrabble Club will be impressed.

The day as a whole went really, really fast, and sort of unfolded before us due to all the help and merriness from everyone.
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1. What did you do in 2007 that you'd never done before?
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39. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
"Get onto the bus!"


Nov. 26th, 2007 08:30 pm
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I had a reasonable accommodation post all written up, but I hadn't updated XJournal for Jaguar. If you're a user, go download 1.06b2 before you write anything you want to keep. Aside from that, my Leopardfication has been pretty smooth, and I think that Spaces and some of the little interface enhancements and increased tweakability will be good things. The one bothersome thing is that the new window chrome is so bland that foreground windows look like a background windows (and the background windows look ghostly). It also feels a bit more responsive and zippy, which is always nice. When I have a bit more cash, I'll probably still bump the RAM up, though.

Three years ago last Sunday, Elizabeth and I took a walk to the park on Greene below the highway, and talked and kissed and started making a go of stuff. Pretty soon, we'll have two anniversaries to keep track of. On Sunday we had a nice supper at the Black Tomato and... talked and kissed and stuff.

I also did the traditional failing of the first road test last Wednesday (on the first snowy day of the season!). The roads are safe from me for another month or so.
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People notice what pen they're using, and the pen supply at work is made up mostly of good pens (not Rands' favourites, but I like them).

  • The new place is not really so new, anymore, and it feels nice.
  • The thesis is marked as accepted on my transcript. Convocation next month!.
  • Work is good, I'm producing stuff and soaking up how stuff works.
  • Work is paying me regularly. I splurged a little this week and got a little red iPod so I can bring my music and podcasts to work.
  • There are enough interesting people at work to keep me busy.
  • One of Ellie's colleagues and and her husband came over last night for supper, chatting and Catan, which was really nice.
  • New D&D game up and running!
  • Pumpkin carving party next Friday (details to come).
  • Looking forward to the wedding, and thinking, "we can pull this off".
  • Cat, laundry, worms and dishes are all doing fine. Laundry's being done in a machine we own, even, and Noisette is enjoying being alpha cat in the apartment.
  • Last little bits of freelance just don't seem to end.
  • We're bracing for an expensive Hydro bill as things get colder.
  • The GSA is apparently now run by the same idiots who gutted the teaching and research assistants' union, and the first thing they did was purge the competent committee appointments. At least I did my best over my term.
  • Lots of my friends are still in Montreal. So is Metro Joannette.
  • Push buttons at intersections still suck.
  • Had to replace my back wheel due to a broken spoke that went unnoticed for too long. Boo.
  • Spent the last week kind of sick.
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Ottawa-and-area folks:

If you're wondering what to do with your holiday Monday evening, Elizabeth is playing Irene's Pub, 885 Bank Street, tomorrow at 8 PM, with Ottawan Glenn Nuotio and Vancouver's Better Friends than Lovers. Admission is $5 at the door, and there will be free cake (it being her birthday and shows with cake starting to be a tradition), which reliable sources tell me will be vegan-friendly and chocolate.

If you're on the fence, sample all the music:

Show news!

Sep. 30th, 2007 06:12 pm
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Elizabeth is performing at the end of the Thanksgiving long weekend in Ottawa. It's her birthday, too, so there'll be cake!

Better Friends than Lovers, Elizabeth Bruce and Glenn Nuotio: Monday October 8th, 8PM, $5, FREE CAKE!
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I've been a 9-to-5er since Monday, which so far has involved a lot of reading and getting administrative details sorted out. I sense, though, that soon I'll be producing something. At that point, I'll feel like I've really started. Meanwhile, I'm feeling quite welcome if a little incredulous that I'm actually there.

This Friday, Elizabeth is playing as part of the UnPop festival in Montreal. I'll be coming down for it, and it should be a good show:

UnPop presents: {Sébastian Hell; Doc Pickles; Allan Lento; Elizabeth Bruce} Sept. 14th at Lola Lounge, 1023 Bleury, 8 PM (sharp!)

Next weekend we might actually stay in Gatineau and go camping.
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This is for posterity and future reference.

In other, way happier, news: look at page W14, or the 34th page if you can jump-to-page in the PDF (I imagine it will only be up today, alas)Edit: they put up Friday's paper, in that link, so it's gone unless they have archives somewhere. Way to go free publicity! Come see Elizabeth (and others) perform at UnPop, her show is Friday the 14th, 8 PM, at Lola Lounge on Bleury. It's free and she'll have CDs for sale, cheaper than stores!

I start work on Monday, 9 AM. I'm all kinds of nervous and excited and looking forward to a steady income.
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So, my birthday was last week… thanks to everyone for the wishes, gifts and good food! It fell in the last throes of thesis this year, so I've been working into the late evening a lot, and trekking back to Montreal every week or two, but I still found time to celebrate.

The actual night-of, Ellie made sponge cake and ordered pizza, and we washed the two down (in the conventional order) with red wine my parents had brought to the housewarming. I think we've found the universal Good Cheap Local Pizza Joint, analogous to Mory's in Verdun: Pizza Maisonneuve, on Papineau near Maisonneuve. They flyer a little too much, and the place feels like an oven and looks held together with packing tape when you come in to pick up your pizza, but the pizzas themselves are excellent: thick crust, good sauce and lots of cheese. The Top Secret Sewing Project she'd been working on for my birthday turned out to be a very dapper vest, which she accompanied by a nice, texture-y dress shirt that fits quite well (rare in a day where normal shirts are too short and "big and tall" stores may include "just big" but seldom include "just tall."

Monday night, after a thesis meeting and a little wandering, Ellie and I proceeded back to Ormstown (where I took the wheel of my mum's car from the bus to home, which stressed her out quite a bit), and then we feasted on home-made lamb vindaloo, pullao, chickpea curry and basmati rice, with beer and followed by very rich chocolate mousse cake. My sister found a Fin du Monde and apple jelly, and my folks got me a floor pump for my bike and a paper shredder (not just for privacy, but also because both the worms and the rats like shredded paper bedding).

A good time was had, and we were all completely stuffed.

Came through Montreal the following day, caught up with my brother, talked geekiness, watched Doctor Who, swung through the office to grab a book and some knickknacks of mine, accompanied Ellie on a postering run for her new CD (in select stores and for sale online now!) and came back on the train.

The thesis is almost done, I've done a preliminary copy edit for the 98% that is written, and now I'm polishing off the straggling 2% or so. Tomorrow, my two volunteer copy editors and I will go over the manuscript, then Friday I hand it in at the thesis office. Defence soon after that, then any required modifications and I'm done, and able to arrive at StatCan unencumbered by studenthood. Woot.
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1. What animal can you most relate to?

I think probably a horse: mobility, skittishness, work ethic and enjoyment of comforts like rolling in the dust and the greenest grass possible.

2. What question have you always hoped someone would ask here, but has yet to appear?

That one, only I like the flexibility without having a question ready. Probably a question starting with "what really happened when you…"

3. Do you believe in life after death?

No, I believe this life is it, aside from whatever legacy you leave, and that you don't get to look down and watch people enjoy that legacy, only look forward to it being enjoyed.

4. Ideally, where do you see yourself in five years?

In a house with a yard, that we and the bank own, with [ profile] rottenfruit and Noisette and a kid that won't be named Ruggles. Home from challenging, meaningful work at StatCan or some other shining tower of geekery.

5. What is/are your favorite song(s) to sing in the shower?

Probably eels' Grace Kelly Blues (goddamn right).
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Just before this song, iTunes had picked Joni Mitchell's “The Arrangement” from Ladies of the Canyon, and the juxtaposition was very pleasant.

In related news, Elizabeth's As We Sadden Each Other to Sleep is now on sale at Cheap Thrills, the Concordia Co-op Solidarity Bookstore, and (as a physical CD delivered by mail) online.


May. 26th, 2007 09:50 pm
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CD Launch Elizabeth Bruce and allies
launch as we sadden each other to sleep
Barfly (4062 St. Laurent)
Monday June 4th, 9:30 PM
$5 or $15 for admission and CD

Be there!
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Sunday, I did a little housecleaning in the vermicomposter. It's amazing how easy it is to chase worms into a little squirming ball with some sunlight and steal their compost. The ecosystem in there seems to be working great!

I'm feeling a little slow and drifty these days. I'm sure I'll be back at my usual required frantic productivity soon.

I lost a Scrabble game by one point to [ profile] diatribein tonight.

My recently-repaired camera is hard at work, however:

video from Elizabeth's regular Dépanneur show )

Mondays, 7 PM, Café Dépanneur (206 Bernard O.)!
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Saturday, Ellie and I signed a lease for the front half of a little house in Hull. It has a front porch, a back yard, new windows and siding, and fresh paint and varnish. It's a quick walk to many buses, and a short bike ride (I'll tell you how short when I test it out) to work for me. The neighbourhood is like a cross between Ormstown and Verdun, and we're close to all the basic necessities.

It took us two days of apartment-hunting in Hull plus some research ahead of time. We move in in late June.

I am not surprisingly very happy.
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The propaganda machine is running.

Elizabeth plays Mondays at 7 PM, Café Dépanneur, 208 Bernard (80 or 535 bus from Place des Arts). Free admission, voluntary contributions welcome.


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