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Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] cuz_mary_jane, who stole it from Pat (who probably got it from someone else, because nobody actually writes these things -- they are only copies)... memetics in action!

Review of 2003 stolen from Diana stolen from Pat )
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Back in September I was trying to make scones when I realized the oven was broken.

Wednesday, after a week and a half where the oven-deprivation had escalated into stove-deprivation, we got our hot food capacity back.

When I have an hour or two I will make some scones, not just to celebrate the return of the oven, but also to commemorate all the stuff that has changed since the last scone attempt. When I thought of the changes in that relatively short period, while discussing electoral tactics late on Thursday night, I was floored... a “whoa, man” moment of Health-Canada-approved strength.

I’m still floored, building up a head of steam and fury to take on the end of the term, and everything is ripe with interesting questions, some of which I’ll have to delay with empty, cynical answers until I have more time.

Anyway, just thought I’d let folks know I’m alive. I’ve been keeping an eye on friendly LJs and hope things are staying afloat. I’ll make sure your shares of cake don’t go to waste and that someone gets body-slammed soon :)


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