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Tonight was Czechvar lager, served quite cool (having been in our fridge all day) in a skinny glass with veggie kielbasa sausages in nice sesame buns.

The beer is golden-coloured, with fine bubbles and a modest head. It is middling-hoppy, aromatic and I could taste gentle notes of grain, which makes for a very nice, unassuming and very beer-like beer — but not so unassuming as to be dull. I found it very similar to Steam Whistle (not surprisingly, given that Steam Whistle is a Czech-inspired beer from Toronto) and equally good. I definitely liked it better than Švyturys.

Alas, after tasting, I found out the brewery was assimilated into the Budweiser borg (bullies!), but the beer doesn't taste like they've had much influence over the recipe.

Also: Tony Clement, this song is for you.
metawidget: Blue bucket with thirty bottles of beer. (beer)
Samson Original Dark Lager apparently has "Budweiser" in the name in its native land. The bottle has a man with wild hair and a twisty moustache on the front.

I drank it in a pint glass, slightly cooled, with veggie (lentil) shepherd's pie. Although the label says "noir" en français, it's actually dark reddish-brown but not opaque. It has a somewhat thin head, and lots of big bubbles. The initial taste is sweet, a little heavy and taffy-like. There's no bitterness or "green" unroasted flavour, or toastiness — it is quite smooth and easy to drink. While I think I got the temperature of the beer right (maybe 20 minutes in the fridge down from our ambient temperature of 28 degrees), I think I got the temperature of the room a bit wrong — this definitely tasted like winter beer. It was pretty tasty tonight, but I think it would have been much better while still shivering from Ottawa winter. It reminds me a bit of Sleeman Dark, or of many of the house beers at Brutopia in Montréal.


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