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The allergist's waiting room may be good for my writing, now that I've finished the Persepolis graphic novels (in the original French — my European-style swearing will be greatly improved) — thanks, [ profile] spacefem for the impetus! Persepolis got more personal and relatable as I got further along; the voice was funny and poignant and the drawing was always expressive. It is well worth the read.

I'm out on the bicycle for the season, although it looks like I may have a few days of bussing while the coming snow storm hits and melts. It feels good and makes picking up things and getting Viv to her dance class a lot easier, but I will have to be careful of my knees.

Elizabeth and the kids have a bunch of vegetable and flower seeds started in the back — marigolds, broccoli, tomatoes… I am looking forward to really getting the garden going. That and the new, more local, CSA we're signed up for should have us eating well this summer.

Easter was lovely this year — the egg hunt went on into Monday, the feasting was tasty, and soccer in the back field with kids and super-cousins was a blast. I'll leave talk of the bonfire to a picture post. It'll have to wait a couple of days at least, though.
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- Bicycling weather. Buses are good for reading, but I miss fast and flexible.

- An upcoming night with Elizabeth… with the kids off with my parents! It has been years since we'll be off-duty together for a whole night.

Yay! Spring! Good things, times and people!
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Today, I took the kids into the Glebe and back (14 km round trip) in the new bike trailer:

Vivien and Oscar asleep in the bike trailer

Neither of them really likes getting a helmet put on, Oscar's seatmate manners are still a work in progress (trailering, with faster-moving scenery, they're a little better than strollering) and Oscar was loudly and urgently wondering for a while where Mama was on the way home (she was riding behind us). Despite all that, they were both asleep when we pulled into home. It was Elizabeth's first bike ride out of the season — she went out ahead in the morning to record some additional vocals for her album, and I came later with the kids to add my screaming to one track, get Vivien a snack (soda crackers were only so satisfying during recording), say hi to Sarah at Nicastro's and have tasty sandwiches for lunch at the Wild Oat before heading home together. It was my and Oscar's first ride out post-tune-up (yay, chain grease) and Vivien's first bike trailer ride ever! I was quite happy with how the new trailer handled with two kids and gear in it.
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There were a few once-a-decade snapshots of living situations out there in blogland lately. In Canada, we have a census twice as often. Here are a few details of what my living situation was around each Census time that I've been alive (including a projection for this year — early May is coming fast!)

Living in an upstairs flat with my parents in Notre Dame de Grâce, a neighbourhood west of downtown Montreal that almost every English speaker just shortens to NDG (and NDG had a lot of English speakers at the time). Chewing on doors and, at least at census time, the only kid in the house.

Counting myself in… )
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Sunday, I got in my token February bike ride, to get groceries. It was just around freezing and quite refreshing.

I also realized I haven't posted Oscar-with-teeth photos yet.

Here's one. )
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I got in my January bike ride last week: a grocery run on that merciful day when the streets were pretty much clear from the melt — Wednesday, I think. Eleven months to go, with February and March being the only hard ones (I hope).

It's been a while since I've posted an Oscar photo. so here are a couple )

Oscar is over 15 pounds and figuring out new tricks at his usual pace: he can sometimes scootch forward a bit, and can definitely move laterally by rolling. We're still waiting for that first tooth… the drooliness and occasional grumpiness says it's on the way somewhere.

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1. What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
Fathered a child (well, I guess some salient bits were done in 2009), grew peas, built a hardwood floor, drafted a will, published a statistics paper, took a train in business class, drove a pickup truck.
thirty-seven more )
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Just because your extra-wide wheel wells (and so far, you have all been in big pickup trucks) make your vehicle feel too fat to pass me safely doesn't mean I'm not entitled to ride my vehicle to and from work on the road. If you think I can ride further to the right, you haven't seen the mix of grates, holes and random construction garbage on the right on the bridges, or a cyclist smack into a car door in town. It seems like the arrival of October has made y'all more sensitive (maybe you think people should only bike in t-shirt weather, and are surprised we're still out here?), but I'm planning on cycling until there's ice or thick snow on the road. It's not like we won't meet again at the next red light anyway.

Thank you for not running me over,

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I'm writing from the couch with Pixel the Relatively New Cat lying on my legs. She's kind of the Ernie to Noisette's Bert: sociable, talkative, stripey and drives Noisette a little crazy. They're getting along a bit better than they did at first, though.

I'm in my second week of a two-week vacation: Elizabeth's music school shuts down for two weeks in the summer, and my projects are all long-term enough that two weeks in the summer without me won't kill them, so we co-ordinated. Happily, Kaleioscope Gathering was also on, and so we hopped on our (fully-loaded with panniers and a trailer full of gear) bikes and went out to Planatagenet or thereabouts to camp under soft pines, participate in a communal camp kitchen, learn about partner yoga, thai massage, herbs, relationships, vocal techniques and esoteric stuff, hang out with fun pagans and pagan-friendly people, acquire a thumb piano, and attract most of the security on duty to our campsite — with rumours of chocolate fondue. Like [ profile] teinm_laida was reporting, people there for the most part have their guard down and are their genuine, enjoyably weird selves.

The garden is doing really, really well. The exciting bits lately are red Russian kale coming up where the spinach was, and a zucchini patch that wants to take over the world. Also of note are the beginnings of a blackberry patch behind the compost!

I commented with "words" over at [ profile] stateofwonder's journal, and she gave me five words to riff on:

biking • Quebec • Scrabble • Mathematics/Statistics • home cooking )

Well, it seems that this time last year is still on the first page of my Livejournal — I guess I'm a little uncommunicative on here. I hope a few more meaty updates will be in the near future, as well as the traditional good/blah table for all your point-form needs…
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Lately, we've been digging up the garden; the latest news is that tiny little beginnings of lettuce are coming up.

Last month, I sang Handel's Messiah in front of lots of people.

I almost changed positions at work, but decided to stay where I am for a while longer. The destination position was really cool and they seemed interested, though, so maybe later in my career they'll have another opening. I'm enjoying my current project enough (and needing to concentrate enough) to stay late some days.

I've been bicycling to work for a few weeks; today was the first time there was real congestion on the trail in the morning. It must be spring!

Elizabeth and I went to a highly entertaining wine tasting party on Saturday. We should do that again (and will)!

Our new favourite board game is Carcassonne… it helps that it's a very pretty game, plays fairly quickly (under one CD) and we're roughly evenly matched (I got thumped tonight).
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Elizabeth and I read really differently. Whether it's a book or a magazine, I tend to read stuff straight through; I at least have to take a crack at a chapter or article and give up on it before moving on to the next one. She moves around the volume and picks out what appeals to her. With good books, we both read the same amount of stuff.

good/blah )
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Less than two days after Dawkins the TiBook died, I've moved my upgrade plans (slated for the fall) up a few months and acquired/dubbed/posted from GaussMalaclypse1 the MacBook.

I've also got my borked bike in at Eddy's, the place recommended by [ profile] tygrbabe, and it'll be back in working order by Friday. Yay, prompt service and straightforward people.

The first Hydro bill came in, we now exist in their minds. Just in time for me to let them know I'm moving.

There's other good news, but maybe later.

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So, this morning my rear derailleur died semi-dramatically on me (it is now hanging only by its cable), changing "I should get my bike looked at by a pro sometime this summer when I have time" to "I should get it fixed ASAP." On the first day of a transit strike, of all things.

Then, between appointments, I open up my laptop, and it freezes on me. Badly. And has been spotty in starting up and freeze-y since, thus preventing me from doing much of anything with it.

I'm going to be running around trying to resuscitate my technological extensions for a while. Goodbye productivity for the same while, probably.
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Come on out, the biking weather's great!
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Alive, well, and with a clear path to the end of term.

Four things to do before mid-December, two of them should be down before long (or else).

I've been out biking in the snow, discovered the Arch Café with [ profile] rottenfruit, beaten my head unsuccessfully against a Hardy inequality, eaten reasonably well and had a few good sleeps. I should be able to do this.

I've been offered some work that should help me pay for that study habit next term. More news when I get the confirmation.


Oct. 19th, 2005 10:13 pm
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[ profile] jul3z offered to interview all comers, and I got these questions.

five questions, five answers, all custom-made )

So, if anyone wants some interview questions, step right up and comment. I'll hit you with five questions to grace your journal.

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I have my bike back, fixed up, trued and such.

Everything is better with a bike.

I've got to learn to do some more stuff myself, as the two weeks without wheels was painful.
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The little gathering Thursday night was nice... mostly Châteauguay Valley people, but some city dwellers too, and lots of chatting, food, drink and generally kicking around. The place is starting to feel like my own, and is getting quite comfortable. I hope I can stay for a while, and throw the occasional small bash (so all is not lost, ye who missed it and know who you are — I'd still love to have you down, jointly or severally, sometime soon).

I went to Oka Provinvial Park this weekend with Elizabeth. It was a fun, relaxing trip.

We set out Friday afternoon, four thirtyish or so... )

Sunday, we bicycled the whole way back through Deux-Montagnes, Laval and bits of Montreal, about 70km, stopping for an Indian feast at Pushap. Saw Elizabeth off at Atwater, made it home, unpacked some stuff, let my folks know I was alive, and then [ profile] loupdebois turned up for some impromptu beer, snacks and chatting. Went to bed pleasantly tired.

I'm so happy and lucky to be able to share this kind of experience with someone who I love that also gets it. Happy to get away from it all, keep my watch out of sight, live pretty simply and have a big stretch of time to enjoy the fresh air and the company. Didn't think to take many photos, but here are a couple.

Photos! )

This week, some work, some bike repairs (a couple of front spokes went on the trip as my bike mechanic had predicted -- time to get those fixed before they become a big issue), and then off to Oakville with my folks to celebrate the marriage of my cousin. It should be fun, pretty serious and religious (they're both church youth leader-ish types) but not too serious (this is my family here, and my dad's probably been practising his ukulele extra-hard for next weekend).
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Moving went well last weekend, [ profile] grammargirl is now settled in here, my other roommate's still around but has a place lined up, my sister's pretty much out and working in the country.

This week was full of other-projectiness... helped a friend do some filming for a client of his, did a dry run of a pscyh study at McGill (no drugs for me, but I did get put through a complete physical wherein I was told to start investing in my retirement), signed the lease for the new place...

Two weeks from Monday, I'll get to see the latest version of the system my work needs to plug into. In the meantime I feel like I'm working on some kind of amorphous goo that'll need to be baked into shape later on.

It's been a slow weekend so far, very hot. Today, bright and early, I did the Tour de l'île with the Concordia gang — the grouping is pretty JMSB-centric but it's a fun bunch of people.


Dec. 30th, 2004 07:41 pm
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To the bike molester(s) near Concordia,

    This is the second time I've had bits of my bike swiped by you... first my seat and seat post, and now both my wheels and my back gear. It was there a little longer than I'd hoped because the lock had frozen and I needed to get appropriate harware to free my main mode of transport, and when I came back to free it, you'd made it unridable and caused me undue financial hardship to come replacing the wheels — the broken-spoked skinny wheels with stripped tires you'd left to camouflage your work don't do it for me.

    If I run across anyone abusing a bike in the next while, I'll be sorely tempted to u-lock their neck to something solid and ream them out with a seat post before feeding it to them. I probably won't, of course... but you never know...




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