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On Saturday, Elizabeth and I got married out in Ormstown, and celebrated with a bunch of family and friends.

Elizabeth has already posted some of her thoughts here, I'll add a few things for now, starting with pictures.
photos )
The ceremony was intimate and intense: Elizabeth and I both were on the verge of tears while we made our vows. We'd both known Ellie Hummel before we asked her to officiate, and it showed in how she did things. We'd planned on getting married outside under the apple tree, but it was threatening to rain, so we packed everyone into the basement of André's farmhouse, which felt like a tiny church, crypt or castle, with stone walls and metal and painted decorations. It was pretty hot, and very crowded, but it felt right. We did burst out to the yard with the tree for a toast and pictures afterward.

Later on, Owen had picked out a poem involving love and Scrabble for us at the cake-cutting, which was quite appropriate. I'll try and get the author and title. The folks at StatCan Scrabble Club will be impressed.

The day as a whole went really, really fast, and sort of unfolded before us due to all the help and merriness from everyone.
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My grandfather died early this morning. We knew this was coming, he's been winding down for a while. He managed to stay home right to the end, with family close by. He was kind, active, smart and humble. He was always approachable and giving, and has a solid and consistent record of destroying me both at chess and table tennis. I'm glad I went up to see him last summer and that [ profile] rottenfruit was able to meet him while he was still energetic and pretty healthy; I'm sad I didn't get to see him since then. I'll be on the road this weekend and maybe Monday as well.

[ profile] loupdebois has more to say about him here.

At work today, I went to the bathroom and saw a laptop under the door of the stall. There's geekiness, dedication or both.
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There are a couple of evangelists, with an amplifier, out in front of de l'Eglise metro. We can hear them from up here, in the back of the apartment, with the windows closed.
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update: fixed with help from [ profile] plautus (and an interesting alternate explanation from [ profile] tylerpistol)

I'm writing some PHP to take XML from a file. The file's in ISO-8859-1, and contains French accents and typesetter's quotes in its character data and some of its attributes. I've taken care to make the parser adapt itself to the character set and demanded that its target character set is also ISO-8859-1:

$xml_parser = xml_parser_create("");
xml_parser_set_option($xml_parser,XML_OPTION_SKIP_WHITE, 1);
xml_parser_set_option($xml_parser,XML_OPTION_CASE_FOLDING, 0);


I set up a tag handler to turn an "in_prose" variable on and off (based, not surprisingly, on whether the parser is inside a "prose" element), when it's on I want to suck it into an array element using my cdataHandler function:


function cdataHandler($parser,$data){
	if ($_SESSION["in_prose"]){

Alas, it tends to chop off the beginning of the text. It's not predictably before any given character, or any predictable length, as far as I can tell. It's just dismembered when I echo it back. Any idea what might be causing this? Any safety measures I can take?

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So, I sign up for e-bills and check the "send me e-mail when bills arrive" option in March. I keep getting enough paper bills to impart a feeling of keeping up, but my phone/Internet bill keeps piling up in my e-bill thing without a single e-mail. Three days before they pull the plug, I call to change some stuff and am informed that they can't do anything until I shovel a heap of money their way.

I pay the CIBC service fees to do stuff like notify me when they recieve e-bills. And maintain branches (they always close the ones close to me soon after I arrive in a neighbourhood). The CIBC can't manage this. I'm switching banks (I'm thinking Desjardins RBC (Desjardins horror stories seem to abound, and there's an RBC right near my place)... any horror stories I should know about?)

In good news, Noisette is back from whatever dimension she was hiding in. Lost cat situation over (for now).
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Come on out, the biking weather's great!
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I'm pretty much camped out down here by de l'Eglise with four cute furry mammals, adequately patched Internet and pretty much set up.

Back up the hill, the bugs have been hit with my latest bout of chemical warfare, this time with a thorough swabbing of the floor with bleach solution to kill any eggs 'twixt the floorboards. I fully intend to win this time. They'll now starve for a few days before they get more bleach and another misting of doom. I play to win. Woe to any arthropods who evoke my wrath. Eventually.

Lots of work underway. So much for a break. Still, busy is good at this juncture.

I have a rat on my shoulder and a cat at my feet. So far this is working just fine, with supervision...


Oct. 19th, 2005 10:13 pm
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[ profile] jul3z offered to interview all comers, and I got these questions.

five questions, five answers, all custom-made )

So, if anyone wants some interview questions, step right up and comment. I'll hit you with five questions to grace your journal.

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This may be my last entry from my current computer — my supervisor's acquired a new laptop and has decided to pass his on to me, and mine is tripping on down to [ profile] loupdebois sometime in the near future... the "new" machine is actually the same vintage as my current one, but whereas I got the basic model, my supervisor's is the tricked-out one with a somewhat faster chip and much more space.

Went out to the country with [ profile] rottenfruit Saturday night, arrived very tired to supper with my folks, my sister and her boyfriend (who we hadn't met before). I think we both pretty much approve... almost as soon as my mom was alone with us she had a mini-debriefing session to get our opinions. It's not much of a stretch to presume that way back in March there was a similar debriefing right after Elizabeth and I were on the bus. It was a nice wander out, and a good change of pace. Lots of talking, plenty of rest, some dreamlike moments and even some required reading.

I think that cold that I've been dodging since the beginning of the semester just thwacked me. Buy your tissue futures now. This week'll be a little lighter, but still with a couple of freelance appointments -- and that's only what's arranged ahead. Still, if I'm smart I'll be careful to sleep and eat well.

due to loupdebois [and thanks to dzuunmod for chopping #8], stuff will happen if you comment )
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Anyone know how to get mail to change SMTP servers automatically when I choose a new network location? I'm running OS X 10.4 and it'd be really cool to be able to switch locations without digging around in Mail preferences...
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The little gathering Thursday night was nice... mostly Châteauguay Valley people, but some city dwellers too, and lots of chatting, food, drink and generally kicking around. The place is starting to feel like my own, and is getting quite comfortable. I hope I can stay for a while, and throw the occasional small bash (so all is not lost, ye who missed it and know who you are — I'd still love to have you down, jointly or severally, sometime soon).

I went to Oka Provinvial Park this weekend with Elizabeth. It was a fun, relaxing trip.

We set out Friday afternoon, four thirtyish or so... )

Sunday, we bicycled the whole way back through Deux-Montagnes, Laval and bits of Montreal, about 70km, stopping for an Indian feast at Pushap. Saw Elizabeth off at Atwater, made it home, unpacked some stuff, let my folks know I was alive, and then [ profile] loupdebois turned up for some impromptu beer, snacks and chatting. Went to bed pleasantly tired.

I'm so happy and lucky to be able to share this kind of experience with someone who I love that also gets it. Happy to get away from it all, keep my watch out of sight, live pretty simply and have a big stretch of time to enjoy the fresh air and the company. Didn't think to take many photos, but here are a couple.

Photos! )

This week, some work, some bike repairs (a couple of front spokes went on the trip as my bike mechanic had predicted -- time to get those fixed before they become a big issue), and then off to Oakville with my folks to celebrate the marriage of my cousin. It should be fun, pretty serious and religious (they're both church youth leader-ish types) but not too serious (this is my family here, and my dad's probably been practising his ukulele extra-hard for next weekend).


May. 12th, 2005 09:40 pm
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I am officially no longer a qualifying student... I am in the M.Sc. in mathematics!


Off to celebrate...

Silly cat.

Apr. 23rd, 2005 10:30 pm
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I swear, I found her like this.
I swear, I found her like this.

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Slipped in the shower this morning, landed on my hands and butt, slicing my big toe on the tap and popping the shoulder out for the first time in three months or so.

Such a waste. I hope I'm not officially back to square 1.

I want to punch something, but I know that's asking for trouble.
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Here are the highlights of the highlights of today's photo foray. It was a beautiful day.

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It’s been a good weekend — art opening on Friday night at Galérie l’Espace (it’s still open ‘til Tuesday... 19 prints and printy intstallations from up and coming artists), went, saw that, ran into a bunch of people from my print media days at Concordia (many of whom have been crawling around the same woodwork as me: Luke and Miriam in particular), went for beers and a large Giovan poutine at Copacabana (I hadn’t gotten around to eating since breakfast, a large was necessary) afterwards was hit on relentlessly by this thirtysomething antique-collector and bistro-guy... I guess I should be flattered ... caught and talked with Mike from Île Sans FIl about the wifi scene, video games and politics.

Saturday was cleaning, unsuccessful costume engineering, then a Birthday Incident for [ profile] emjayne with food, vaguely familiar people, new LJites to watch (welcome [ profile] goddessofjoi, [ profile] kidlicious73 and [ profile] balistic... I’m sure I’ve met Balistic before, maybe at [ profile] cuz_mary_jane’s birthday do? ... and if anyone knows the username associated with Glenn [?] the sci-fi editor ... ) ... I have a lead on a cat, Noisette, who we may adopt over here in a week’s time or so.

Today [yesterday now]... marking, more cleaning, reading, procrastinating on the five hundred ideas flying in loose formation that is our prototype...

Today [now-today]... exam invigilation, class, give lab, meeting, program, mark.

I feel a little lot off kilter, still. But still going... like bicycling downhill on one of those ice cream bikes (which — useless trivia — I have done without injury from time to time). Friends, fun and work are all much appreciated these days.



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