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Had a pleasant evening with one of my high school friends (outside of LJSpace), talked politics, religion, work, the future, grey hairs, gossip... I'm glad I met up with him, and it's been a while since I've sat down with just him and talked. He's mellowed a bunch since high school, I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would, even.

I smell like smoke now, though. I can't wait 'til all cafés and bars become smoke-free in the spring.

Oh, randomly: Go on the CBC had Peter Mackay on as a guest this morning, and I was really disappointed that they didn't humiliate him any. Really. I'm this close to writing a letter demanding they stop making him look good (for those of you who don't know, I dislike Peter Mackay with almost the intensity that [ profile] dzuunmod likes Pierre Pettigrew).
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No phone messages, no e-mails... usually there's something going on at the FC office, but now this scheduled time is just plain quiet. Even the ventilation's kind of relaxing... if I'm not careful I'm going to wind up snoozing. Typical week up ahead, if there is such a thing :)

Did a bunch of TA-related stuff that I was running late on over the weekend, as well as getting routed from the table relatively quickly playing poker with my friends from back home, and attending [ profile] keyef's very relaxed and fun birthday incident. Got to see [ profile] sbourge in colour for the first time, talked, took pics, lounged, and ate a lot (some pics to follow).


Jan. 16th, 2005 12:44 am
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Slow day, glad that LJ's FiletMignon cluster is back up... read, programmed a little, slept...

Yesterday was medical stuff all morning: vaccinations for Noisette, a physio consultation for me and my wayward shoulder... so I now have a bunch of exercises to tide me over and a return visit next week. The guy who was sizing things up says I have no lack of flexibility -- in a sense, the damaged shoulder's a little too flexible, and what I've got to do is repurpose the muscles in there to be ready to offer quick and effective resistance before the shoulder joint gets too far out of whack in an iffy movement. Thank the GSA for seeing fit to provide supplementary health care benefits to their members...

Last night, spent the afternoon and evening with [ profile] rottenfruit, pan-fried tofu and a few veggies on steamed rice for supper, went to wish my high-school-forward friend Jake many happy returns over pints, discussed really nasty army slang. Resolved never to be involved in any way in a "strawberry milkshake."


Jan. 2nd, 2005 02:14 am
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Christmas and post-Christmas highlights

New Year's Bashes 2005

I've been enjoying my break... almost back in class now, and somewhat broke-until-invoices-clear, but all is well and I've been enjoying my spiffy little camera.

Happy oh-five, everyone!
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Starting to get a feel for how my more-experienced-programmer partner in crime operates... hopefully he’ll document some more before the next subclass I try to implement... but it’s been fun fighting with a canonically-general tree structure and figuring out what classes play traffic cop for which rules upon which others. My brain hurts now... I think I’ll document or administer for a bit before I test this puppy. It’s bound to do something strange the first few times ‘round.

Turns out my client and LJ keep different counts of my entries, so this seems to be #127 :)

Still no luck on catching my far-flung friend, I may have to settle for a phone call but that sucks -- I’ll figure out some bus schedule itinerary that can pull this off, I hope... worst comes to worst, I’ll see him among throngs of people at a wedding this weekend (damn, it’s coming up fast!)

Met [ profile] funny_socks’ sister and said sister’s boyfriend this weekend... I think we approve of each other -- she’s nice but very different from [ profile] funny_socks... neat-freak to her relaxed, career-oriented to her personal-growth-oriented...

This promises to be a busy week coming up... much running around, many loose ends to tie up.


Jul. 27th, 2004 07:36 pm
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In the last little while, I have:

-rescued an escaped cat (Wednesday)
-gone to a wedding where the attendees took vows (Friday)
-missed meeting up with the couple-after-next (for wedding) -- the aforementioned wedding was in the way and now they’re in North Carolina
-dodged a paper that was really going to suck or break us (Today)

More later... now, meetup!
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...if a bit beat-up physically... bit my lip and it’s still sore, and have a bit of a headache... but yeah.

Lotsa meetings at work, propaganda to prepare and data structures to flog Flash into supporting. The mood in the office is good, but I’m not the only one wishing my lip would stop hurting. A funny-if-it’s-not-you incident got a co-worker last night, he was looking pretty groggy.

We were down to me and Jake for our regular night of geekiness, so we skipped the strategy game and went straight to coffee and chatting. Discussed a bunch of stuff from fundamentals to the latest news, an evening well spent.

Looking forward to DVD night tomorrow with [ profile] funny_socks (no more questions about when the first post is coming, OK?) ...she’s promising the Chinese equivalent of Amélie, I’m looking forward to it.

Celebrated Mother’s Day last weekend with as many mothers as we could gather together in Alexandria (4 in all) ... brought cute photos and little-kid-distracting abilities to the party, I wanted to bring more but disorganization and finances were working against me. Now that both might be a little more under control... well, any day could be Mother’s Day, right?

I’m feeling generally chipper, although I’m a bit worried the dissemination is going to take over my working life again and keep me from doing any research or programming. Such is the curse of being a generalist.

Speaking of generalist’s curses, it looks like a 3-year M.Sc... a qualifying year to catch me up with the heavy-duty mathies and two years of standard-issue thesis option. Meh... if I’m gonna do it, may as well do it right.

So... that’s it for now... maybe the next entry’ll be a bit sooner. Off to generate some haikus from the new data now :)
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Had a potluck last night, filled the kitchen up just about brimming. Good food, nice people, not entirely a high-school reunion, but CVR people are so much more likely to turn up, creatures of habit that they are. Running a potluck when there’s one spot on the couch where I’d really like to be all night is a bit of a different experience... but I had fun and did get a little time to relax in addition to being the food and traffic maestro. Fiona and Anna were there and seem to get along well with everyone... and cooking ahead of time with them was lots of fun.

Before that, I had some good consult-and-catch-up time with one of the cooler professors in Communications (and that’s a strong compliment given the general quality level)... helped beat iPhoto backups into submission, did Carbon Copy on the hard drive, made Academy Awards winner picks (Go Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Carribbean, go Pearl Earring!)... all in all a good afternoon.

The night before was meetup night, wherein I was rather late, dinner and photography with Fiona and her friend Anna-from-Edmonton having taken a little longer than expected (but having been wonderfully fun)... but arriving, I had the chance to hang out with some old and new people... got faces associated with usernames, caught up, chatted, tried out the Amazing Plutonium Apple Muffin... a good time was had by me, and I think by all.

I was in a good mood at meetup parly due to a doctor’s appointment wherein I found out that my twice-dislocated shoulder was in good enough shape yet that 6 weeks of being extra-nice to it would probably suffice (as opposed to drugs, surgery or a goofy looking brace). Yay for flexibility!

Another reason which may have contributed to my good mood was a two-day visit home... barely won a game of Scrabble, snapped some photos of the family, set up the new used computer, ate some good food and saw my Dad’s going-away present from the nurses at the Royal Vic -- a dictionary, a “Waldo” bear (homemade) with red striped cap and sweater, plus glasses, a matching outfit for Dad, some milk cartons with “Have you seen this doctor” panels in the public service area... it was my first time back in over a month, it was a good thing. Saw _Hilary and Jackie_ on video too... difficult but good.

So, that’s the news from Lake Wobegon...
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In a bit of skiing-induced pain, but it was a good kinda pain... spent the weekend with a few friends skiing up on Bromont. It’s been at least five years since I’ve been, meanwhile those nifty shorter parabolic skis have come into popular (i.e. rental) use, and my skills haven’t rusted enough to eat away all the benefits of those puppies. So it’s mostly just that active kind of sore... although I did have a funnier-to-watch-than-to-do encounter with a ditch... my compadres had zipped ahead on the clear slope and planted themselves at the bottom of the glade I was trying out to see if I wrapped myself around a tree... I didn’t, but then at the end of the glade, I exited a little to the right of where I should have... and my thought process was someting like “that looks like a clear path out... oh shit, a ditch! juuuump!”... and I got a little altitude, but not enough to get my tips clear of the opposite wall of the ditch. Splat. I’m feeling OK on all the bits I landed on, except for the fractured ego. Other than that, the skiing was great, the company was fun, we were really well fed, and the weather was a subarctic kind of beautiful... brilliant sun but rather nippy.

I continue to reduce efficiency at Legend[e]s of the Forum. I continue to waffle and procrastinate on writing and applying for stuff... not much longer before this gets serious. Stuff gets done, just not as fast as it should.

On that note, back to work for me!
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Ah, last bits of Christmas shopping done, leaving me work, cleaning and cooking to do in the Christmas prep department.

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately... but I figure I owe it to my body. It’s put up with some scary long hours over the past semester.

There is cuteness around the corner, I just have to keep from overthinking it...

Celebrations coming up... the high school friends’ shindig tomorrow, [ profile] cuz_mary_jane’s birthday bash the day after. I don’t think I know anyone except [ profile] loupdebois there... should be fun!


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