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I'm writing from the couch with Pixel the Relatively New Cat lying on my legs. She's kind of the Ernie to Noisette's Bert: sociable, talkative, stripey and drives Noisette a little crazy. They're getting along a bit better than they did at first, though.

I'm in my second week of a two-week vacation: Elizabeth's music school shuts down for two weeks in the summer, and my projects are all long-term enough that two weeks in the summer without me won't kill them, so we co-ordinated. Happily, Kaleioscope Gathering was also on, and so we hopped on our (fully-loaded with panniers and a trailer full of gear) bikes and went out to Planatagenet or thereabouts to camp under soft pines, participate in a communal camp kitchen, learn about partner yoga, thai massage, herbs, relationships, vocal techniques and esoteric stuff, hang out with fun pagans and pagan-friendly people, acquire a thumb piano, and attract most of the security on duty to our campsite — with rumours of chocolate fondue. Like [ profile] teinm_laida was reporting, people there for the most part have their guard down and are their genuine, enjoyably weird selves.

The garden is doing really, really well. The exciting bits lately are red Russian kale coming up where the spinach was, and a zucchini patch that wants to take over the world. Also of note are the beginnings of a blackberry patch behind the compost!

I commented with "words" over at [ profile] stateofwonder's journal, and she gave me five words to riff on:

biking • Quebec • Scrabble • Mathematics/Statistics • home cooking )

Well, it seems that this time last year is still on the first page of my Livejournal — I guess I'm a little uncommunicative on here. I hope a few more meaty updates will be in the near future, as well as the traditional good/blah table for all your point-form needs…
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There are a couple of evangelists, with an amplifier, out in front of de l'Eglise metro. We can hear them from up here, in the back of the apartment, with the windows closed.
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How ugly is this approach to making a copy of an array that moves only values, not references?

$copy_of_array = unserialize(serialize($multidimensional_array));

I feel a little dirty... assuming I'm not too worried about efficiency, should I?

grab bag

May. 22nd, 2006 02:27 pm
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Scientific evidence: (almost) Nobody Stops.

Yoinked from [ profile] swestrup: a very pretty infinitely recursive photomosaic

This reminds me of the bathroom at work... where the only thing you have to touch is the flush lever on the toilet (not the urinal, nor the sink... wait, you do have to pump the soap). This leads to the problem of when you shake or splatter water in the sink: the little electronic eyes sometimes get water on them, then the water keeps running even after you leave. They need windshield wipers or something.
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It turns out, Bell, when I cancelled my account, charged me $2.68 for "tolerance". Yes, I know what it means, but still, it's a nice illustration of telco manners.

I got to sleep until I was more or less naturally awake with my beloved last night. Not being a slave to the alarm clock feels very good.

Lots to do as usual: coding, administration-y stuff, studying... the end of the term is coming, though. I'm a little exhausted, but stuff is falling by the wayside a little more gracefully than it has in the past.

I'm having a funny relationship with the future right now. It's pretty unreal, even though I'm looking forward to, dreading and just acknowledging some fairly real things.


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