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Jul. 7th, 2008 10:56 pm
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I got [ profile] gregorama to review my interests list and pick out the seven most interesting ones (to him). Here are the explanations-of-sorts:
… is something I picked up from [ profile] denkizero, I guess mostly a greeting/handshake thing sort of like coucou, which I also find fun.
it's a marker of the conspiracy
generative design
I worked on a project dubbed Generative Design for several years in university — it was about shape grammars, symmetry and cataloguing traditional pattern. I think it's sort of dormant now, but it was good fun and was the backbone of my M.Sc. thesis.
A shibboleth is a code-word which is unpronounceable or unknown to the out-group: "sibboleth" is how the out-group pronounces it. I got the out-group note here (in the footnotes), and have been sort of piqued by political shibboleths, left and right, of late.
useful trivia
Better than useless trivia! I'm pretty full of the useless stuff, and sometimes it does turn out to be useful, or at least pertinent.
I like running with the joke (and remaining smiling).
I read a fair number of blogs, and some of my good friends are academics.


Sep. 23rd, 2006 01:52 pm
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If I were hungry, and if I had a stack of hubs and a power bar...

I've been tweaking this cookie recipe for a couple of rounds, and it's ready to be released into the wild: starting from basic egg/peanut butter/sugar chocolate chip cookies, I kept adding stuff and tweaking the recipe:

Highbrow chocolate/peanut butter cookies

Preheat oven to 375°

Prepare with the finest ingredients... )

Consume with suitably fancy milk or coffee while discussing highbrow things.

In other news after promising an important "truc de coloc", I pulled out a recently-acquired copy of Chez Geek, and hilarity ensued (with the excuse that the geek quotient was going to be on the rise in our place, now that everyone living here or slated to live here knows the difference between a saving throw and an ability check, sometimes in multiple languages...)

Things are going pretty well over here. Lots going on as usual, but most of it's pretty good.

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Real posts evade me. Life is pretty intense.

Tomorrow (Friday) at 8 PM: come see [ profile] rottenfruit play at the Yellow Door (3625 Aylmer, 144 bus or metro Place des Arts ish) $6 at the door, bring optional nonperishables for the food bank and spending money for coffee and CDs.

Next Tuesday at 3:30 PM: come see Godfried Toussaint talk about crossovers from bioinformatics techniques in rhythm analysis of flamenco and other music. It's in the EV building (1515 Ste. Catherine), room 2.184. It's aimed at all levels of geekery, and he's a fantastic presenter. Refreshments afterwards, free admission.

at the request of a ninjaaaa )


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