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So, I acquired an iPod Touch after my old iPod died; I'm wondering what folks on iOS use to post to Dreamwidth/LJ, preferably something that allows offline composition and does sensible things with tags and cross-posting.


Dec. 30th, 2012 05:50 pm
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Here's the semi-standardized questionnaire applied to 2012 — it was a pretty intense year in some ways.

What did you do in 2012 that you'd never done before?
Filed a police report, juggled two kids out solo.

lots more )

Did I miss any useful questions? I dropped a couple of irrelevant ones, and will be watching the memesphere for stuff to add.
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I've created a filter over here with a mix of Dreamwidth usernames and Livejoural OpenID URIs. Does anyone know of an easy way to push the Livejournal OpenID URIs over to an identically-named Livejournal filter?
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If you want to set up a Dreamwidth account, here are some invite codes:

codes under the cut )

You can create an account with one of these on Dreamwidth's main page. I have more if these ones get used up!

ETA: I'll refresh the list periodically as codes get taken, so if it's been a day or so since the first one has been taken, there is probably a new first one.
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I renewed my Dreamwidth subscription not too long ago. Here are some reasons why:

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I managed to get S2 to give me a back to top link on each entry. Yay, customization!

S2's rigidly-defined layers are a little annoying, but I'm glad it's reasonably hackable. I'm a little disappointed CSS2 has a content element on :before and :after that can't represent a link (text, image, bullet, counter, but not a link!), but it got me poking around S2, so something good came of the W3C's omission.
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  1. There are 18 000 pages on the Branch Intranet site at work. Four of them are hits for the search term "foo". I'm the author of all of them. I feel sort of geeky-alone…
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