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Things seem to be working in the getting-me-paid department. I have a loan to call in a chunk of that I still don't know about, but I think the paperwork's all done and settled for everything else on my plate. Things should all be caught up by mid-February (well, chances are I'll still have some chunks to go on the loan-which-won't-die, but everything will be rolling along).

Scrabble yesterday was a bit of a flop... things were slow in coming together with bookings and materials, so we pretty much called it off (but hung around the site to see if anyone turned up)... another contributing factor was that it turns out we were in competition with a literacy conference over at UdeM, so they were probably drawing the literacy crowd as well as not coming down to play with us. More communication next time.

Candide last night at Pollack hall with [ profile] rottenfruit was fun, we were whacked over the head with symbolism and general ribald humour. Voltaire and Bernstein's work was done well by Opera McGill. Go see it if it might be your cup of tea.

Today, people from the CBC and some of our partner organizations came by work for a quick look at us all. I hope they liked it — it felt kind of rushed, though.
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Went out for supper with a longtime friend of my dad's last night, had some really fancy French food. I think I could do that again sometime... or even just go for a sumptuous dessert and coffee...

Had a good day of propagandizing for Peer Support and Frontier... I think the word's pretty much out now, but one more week of Frontier tabling to go, and Peer Support keeps its mezzainine presence going pretty much all year. If you're at SGW between 11 and 1, stop by and say hi sometime. I'll give you a mint, even.

It's possible that (work permitting), Elizabeth will be travelling out to my cousin's place on Monday with me and my folks for Thanksgiving. Word has it all three of us siblings are planning to bring significant others: it'll be nice and crowded if that happens!

I've got plans for Saturday and you all should too:

[image with concert info, 93kb:] Elizabeth Bruce will be playing at the Yellow Door, 3625 Aylmer (between Prince Arthur and Pine) on Saturday October 8th, at 8 PM. Doors open at 7:30, cost is $5 and non-perishable food items will be accepted for the Food for Thought food bank.
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So, we've been spending a lot of time talking about organizational changes and learner retention.

But, we've been eating well, getting to know our counterparts in other cities and...

it's not all serious stuff... )
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No phone messages, no e-mails... usually there's something going on at the FC office, but now this scheduled time is just plain quiet. Even the ventilation's kind of relaxing... if I'm not careful I'm going to wind up snoozing. Typical week up ahead, if there is such a thing :)

Did a bunch of TA-related stuff that I was running late on over the weekend, as well as getting routed from the table relatively quickly playing poker with my friends from back home, and attending [ profile] keyef's very relaxed and fun birthday incident. Got to see [ profile] sbourge in colour for the first time, talked, took pics, lounged, and ate a lot (some pics to follow).
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Tooling up some grammatical goodness, things are falling into place on this latest bit of exploratory work.

I should see about sitting a bunch of people down and talking priorities again soon. This is exciting stuff, I think. We may be able to crank out zillij grammars to our little hearts' content in a while, at the rate of a small family of grammars for one or two pieces a day.

Faster if we can somehow integrate CENPARMI's work into the process.

Geek out.

Whee. (Trust me, it's exciting.)

In other news, FC-Concordia and Students for Literacy (MgGill) are going to be teaming up for a friendly spelling bee and movie night, with teams from both our schools competing. Like the Corey Cup, but more teams and less brawling (it's a good thing there was free food and fine company up in the stands — last night's hockey game degenerated a lot in the 3rd period)... and a movie afterward, by donation. If you want to put together a team, stay tuned for your chance at the MSL trophy, obscure spelling glory and general low-key insanity in mid-March. You wouldn't want a team from THAT OTHER SCHOOL* to cart away the hardware, right?

*whichever one you don't go to...

is love!

Nov. 27th, 2004 07:15 pm
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OK, this is kinda cool.

I'm interested in love )

In other news, it’s been a busy Frontier weekend so far... we had the provincial get-together over supper last night and all day today. I’m a little bleary eyed but encouraged. My opposite numbers from UQO, UQAM, Sherbrooke, UdeM and McGill and our permanent staffers are all a pleasure to train, machinate and shoot the breeze with. We’ve got our work cut out for us, but this was a great reminder that our campus literacy organizations aren’t isolated unless we forget to pick up the phone or fire off an e-mail.

Went to part of [ profile] moonlightjoy’s Cho night at the Hearth in between Frontier-ings, relaxed, ate, actually got within petting distance of one of their aloof felines, laughed and put more faces to user pictures.

I’m going to sleep well tonight.
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Just got back from a meeting with a tutee, which went well, and then a tutors’ meeting which I couldn’t find...

I managed to shear off a bolt in my bike seat while getting there. I must’ve been leaning hard on the seat. Hardware went flying, seat wound up on my carrier rack, helpful Hydro-Quebec woman handed me my bolt and seat-shoes. Strangely, I did not hurt myself.

Canadian Tire does not have my bolt in stock. It was 2” long and is between 1/4 and 5/16” thick, threaded along its length, with a 1/2” round head. Anyone have any ideas?


Apr. 27th, 2004 11:41 am
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I think I’m as ready as I can be for the stats test... the calculation-intensive bits will be rough but I think it’ll go well. I still can’t believe it’s multiple choice. I’ll just have to stay hydrated, energetic and positive :)

The Frontier get-together was a little quiet, with mostly the organizational team showing up, which was to be expected for something thrown during exams. The upside was that I was able to cart off leftovers (sandwiches from that place on the corner of Mackay and de Maisonneuve -- very good ones, I might add) for a later get-together with [ profile] funny_socks, a Faunt, his girlfriend, Dave-the-musician, Melissa-who-WILL-study-communications and ... er, I can’t remember her name, but she’s off to New York to work for Goldman Sachs and doesn’t like Operations Research (her loss, I guess). Nathan, the Faunt, looked eerily familiar, but he’s from Edmonton... maybe he’s related to the dad of one of my elementary school pals... it was a nice break from studying, went home afterward to work on the Big Formula Sheet for my test this afternoon.

Woke up slowly today, scanned and sent off photos of the upcoming apartment to a possible roommate from Halifax, plotted out a busy but promising-to-be-great week: research, supper back in Ormstown with [ profile] funny_socks, some computer-assisted introspection at C&D, a birthday bash for Segacs, some gooseflesh in the name of art, my last Tyndale reading session... it’s a massive jumble of excitement, goodness and fun.
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Lied and ran last night... at the interactive art thing for Art Matters at the VAV, after class. Met a guy named Paul Monday afternoon on a bureaucracy run, ran into him and his fiancé Lisa at the exhibition, which is rather interesting and runs to Saturday (cough). It includes a lying booth, where an artist is collecting lies for her bigger projects...

Had a stats test today, for which I could’ve been better prepared, some Frontier office hours -- shared and with a call from a potential tutor -- then class, walking, picknicking (yes, outdoors... briefly) and chatting with an oft-mentioned lovely and talented girl, saw her off to evening class and met up for supper with the guys. The end of the semester and my B.A. is looming, it’s been a long B.A. and a short semester, so much left to do... but I’m not yet panicked...

Chilling nicely, doing the online rounds, listening to soft music and reading into the night... hope all is well out there...
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i) You can be your own friend on livejournal. Context. Cool. You'll never need to visit my main page again.

ii) I've decided it may be prudent not to take anything anyone says too seriously until I see them a few more times. Three TA offers by others, three accepted by me, one seems to have worked out (thanks Matt!). Class schedule changed. My people-reading skills seem to be at an all time low. Not just on business, either. Grr.

iii) I still feel like I'm along for the ride in my own life.


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