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Ada is now over two months old! She has been camping, is starting to stick her hands in her mouth, babbles a bit and still sleeps pretty well.

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I feel pretty content lately and settled into the new normal of three little ones and parental leave. I hope the next few months continue this!
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Here are some pictures from March to recently… we made it through the chilly spring, had a baby, discovered Vivien’s career aspirations, and hit the Ormstown Fair.

Viv in a swing

Vivien at the park.

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Late May

May. 26th, 2013 09:19 am
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I'm feeling considerably more firmly back in the saddle at work now — documenting, developing, simulating Bad People trying to derive personal information from our released data… the work and the work-adjacent rhythms are back, for the most part. I've got zero wins in four games of lunchtime Scrabble, though, which is below my admittedly-not-stellar average. More so than with one kid, I really feel the pressure to get home straight after work and even out the numbers for fussy o'clock.

Vivien's has been getting mobility figured out the last couple of weeks — she's crawling around, pulling herself up on the furniture and twisting around during diaper changes. Oscar's language is getting more sophisticated — switching around "you" and "I" as appropriate, for instance. He's still not easy to get to bed, though.

We've had pretty busy weekends since I got back to work. Elizabeth was playing some music at Umi the first weekend, we went to help out at Raven's Knoll the second (and just missed police checkpoints in Eganville, apparently). Last weekend, my parents took a day trip up to visit us on Sunday, and this weekend we went to the Great Glebe Garage Sale, the catch-up potluck at the birthing centre, and the Ravenswing DIY/Craft/etc. fair. We've gotten out to various things during the week, too. I'm feeling quite tired, for some reason.

Friday, Elizabeth's parents are taking both kids, and we get our first actually kid-free date since Vivien was born, for our fifth anniversary. I'm looking forward to it; I hope we're well-rested enough to enjoy it!
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Here are the promised drawings — everything I did on Friday, with some thoughts on how I made them and what I think of them. Click for somewhat larger lossless version.

Gesture drawing, interpretation left as an exercise to the reader.

I got started with some contour in a two-minute pose. Afterward, someone asked if I had been doing a blind contour. It wasn't actually my intention to do so.

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Friday, inspired by [ profile] sassy_red_head, I went to the Ottawa sitting of Atelier Denu, a life drawing workshop where for two hours, a dozen or so people sit in a circle around a nude model and draw them (her in this case). No pedagogy, bring your own materials, Shawn the organizer just books the room, arranges for a model, keeps time and collects your $5. It's been over a decade since I've drawn a nude model, and perhaps it has been too long.

I found the place in the upper reaches of a (the?) fine art building at the university of Ottawa by following someone who looked like she knew where she was going (and asked if I was looking for the life drawing workshop). I got oriented pretty quickly, found out that a “donkey” is a bench that you straddle that holds your drawing surface at a nice angle, and made my way over to a spot near [ profile] sassy_red_head, only to realize about halfway across the room that carrying a somewhat heavy bench in one hand with your wonky arm isn't a good idea. I got a couple of people to take the things I'd been carrying so I didn't drop them, and got myself straightened out and re-socketed. After that, the night went much better. As an aside, naproxen is my new favourite post-dislocation painkiller.

The actual drawing was in poses of increasing lengths, going from two minutes up to twenty. I'd brought a big 18-by-24 newsprint pad, a smaller sketchbook, compressed charcoal, conté pencil and drawing pencils, but wound up working exclusively big and with the chunkier charcoal and conté: it felt good and I find it's easier to work fast in big movements. I did a lot of contours and work with negative space, some shading and lots of nice dense markmaking. It felt really good, and I think it was pretty different from what everyone else was doing (that I saw, at least). My faces and proportions were hit-and-miss, but I didn't feel like I was starting from zero. I'm going to try and make it to more of these.

I'm not shy to share some drawings, but I'm on my parents' computer in dialup-land while we are visiting them, so I will post them in a few days.

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I got in my January bike ride last week: a grocery run on that merciful day when the streets were pretty much clear from the melt — Wednesday, I think. Eleven months to go, with February and March being the only hard ones (I hope).

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Oscar is over 15 pounds and figuring out new tricks at his usual pace: he can sometimes scootch forward a bit, and can definitely move laterally by rolling. We're still waiting for that first tooth… the drooliness and occasional grumpiness says it's on the way somewhere.

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1. What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
Fathered a child (well, I guess some salient bits were done in 2009), grew peas, built a hardwood floor, drafted a will, published a statistics paper, took a train in business class, drove a pickup truck.
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