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On August 2 at 8:52 PM, Vivien Kaye Hortop came into the world at the Gatineau hospital. She is small but fierce: 2120 grams and was 47 cm long at birth, she arrived with a yell and set to feeding quickly thereafter. Vivien and Elizabeth are still at the hospital for observation of Vivien, but mother and daughter are in fine shape and we hope to have everyone back home in the days to come.

We are grateful to the midwives at the Maison de naissance de l'Outaouais and the nurses and doctors on the third floor at the Gatineau hospital, whose expertise and kindness have been invaluable in the past days and months. We are also grateful to Marna Nightingale for taking Oscar on short notice during the birth and taking care of him for considerably longer than she may have had in mind at the outset while the situation evolved.
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1. What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
Fathered a child (well, I guess some salient bits were done in 2009), grew peas, built a hardwood floor, drafted a will, published a statistics paper, took a train in business class, drove a pickup truck.
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I defended today, and have to fix some grammar, and switch the words "left" and "right" in a bunch of places in my thesis. Aside from that, I am done my schooling for some time to come.

It feels awesome.

More after I get some sleep.


Aug. 20th, 2007 04:58 pm
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The tomatoes are ripening, the weather is nice and things seem generally under control.

Bruschetta and pasta tonight!
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So, my birthday was last week… thanks to everyone for the wishes, gifts and good food! It fell in the last throes of thesis this year, so I've been working into the late evening a lot, and trekking back to Montreal every week or two, but I still found time to celebrate.

The actual night-of, Ellie made sponge cake and ordered pizza, and we washed the two down (in the conventional order) with red wine my parents had brought to the housewarming. I think we've found the universal Good Cheap Local Pizza Joint, analogous to Mory's in Verdun: Pizza Maisonneuve, on Papineau near Maisonneuve. They flyer a little too much, and the place feels like an oven and looks held together with packing tape when you come in to pick up your pizza, but the pizzas themselves are excellent: thick crust, good sauce and lots of cheese. The Top Secret Sewing Project she'd been working on for my birthday turned out to be a very dapper vest, which she accompanied by a nice, texture-y dress shirt that fits quite well (rare in a day where normal shirts are too short and "big and tall" stores may include "just big" but seldom include "just tall."

Monday night, after a thesis meeting and a little wandering, Ellie and I proceeded back to Ormstown (where I took the wheel of my mum's car from the bus to home, which stressed her out quite a bit), and then we feasted on home-made lamb vindaloo, pullao, chickpea curry and basmati rice, with beer and followed by very rich chocolate mousse cake. My sister found a Fin du Monde and apple jelly, and my folks got me a floor pump for my bike and a paper shredder (not just for privacy, but also because both the worms and the rats like shredded paper bedding).

A good time was had, and we were all completely stuffed.

Came through Montreal the following day, caught up with my brother, talked geekiness, watched Doctor Who, swung through the office to grab a book and some knickknacks of mine, accompanied Ellie on a postering run for her new CD (in select stores and for sale online now!) and came back on the train.

The thesis is almost done, I've done a preliminary copy edit for the 98% that is written, and now I'm polishing off the straggling 2% or so. Tomorrow, my two volunteer copy editors and I will go over the manuscript, then Friday I hand it in at the thesis office. Defence soon after that, then any required modifications and I'm done, and able to arrive at StatCan unencumbered by studenthood. Woot.
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Saturday, Ellie and I signed a lease for the front half of a little house in Hull. It has a front porch, a back yard, new windows and siding, and fresh paint and varnish. It's a quick walk to many buses, and a short bike ride (I'll tell you how short when I test it out) to work for me. The neighbourhood is like a cross between Ormstown and Verdun, and we're close to all the basic necessities.

It took us two days of apartment-hunting in Hull plus some research ahead of time. We move in in late June.

I am not surprisingly very happy.
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(years in review in general)

1. What did you do in 2006 that you'd never done before?
Participated in an impeachment vote. Tripped a Hep C alarm. Moved in with a significant other.

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Christmas was good, lots of family and food and time spent running around and getting ready with [ profile] rottenfruit. Our parents met. I had my first encounter with the nut loaf, which was excellent. We saw frozen rippled sand, like a photograph of water you can walk around (which made up for the lack of snow until yesterday). Gave and got some nice things. Came home to Verdun this evening, which was also good. It feels like home.

It's been great doing the holidays together.


Sep. 23rd, 2006 01:52 pm
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If I were hungry, and if I had a stack of hubs and a power bar...

I've been tweaking this cookie recipe for a couple of rounds, and it's ready to be released into the wild: starting from basic egg/peanut butter/sugar chocolate chip cookies, I kept adding stuff and tweaking the recipe:

Highbrow chocolate/peanut butter cookies

Preheat oven to 375°

Prepare with the finest ingredients... )

Consume with suitably fancy milk or coffee while discussing highbrow things.

In other news after promising an important "truc de coloc", I pulled out a recently-acquired copy of Chez Geek, and hilarity ensued (with the excuse that the geek quotient was going to be on the rise in our place, now that everyone living here or slated to live here knows the difference between a saving throw and an ability check, sometimes in multiple languages...)

Things are going pretty well over here. Lots going on as usual, but most of it's pretty good.

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Before it's too late, happy International Dadaism Month.

Next day of the month is on Friday.

zimzim urallala zimzim urallala zimzim zanzibar zimzalla zam.
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Yesterday was beautiful with good food and good company, including a circuitous wander down from my place to Verdun, some garage sale goodies, ice cream, enjoying the city flora, fun conversation, deep conversation, good food, some Red Dwarf, and even a little housework and lining up work. The good day more or less continues unabated today.

The world is as it should be, more or less.
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Got that perl/sh confusion sorted out with some help from [ profile] pphaneuf, [ profile] hub_ and [ profile] swestrup. Thanks, guys! It has resulted in a repackaging of some work stuff so that it doesn't require too much geek-fu to play with.

Godfried Toussaint's rhythm/computation talk on Tuesday was good and pretty well-attended. I hope we can draw more of this kind of thing to Concordia (or that I can get out to see more of it this summer at Subtle Technologies).

I've got lots of work to do, still, but I think I'm getting up a head of steam. Take-home final season starts next week.

I may get off the continent again this summer. Still very up in the air, but we'll see.

Oh, and I just missed International Dadaism Month. No matter, it resumes on Saturday.
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Yippee for more userpics!

Watch out for the toast icon soon.

I explained a notation I think is cool today. With coloured pens, tracing paper and wild arm movements. And am getting paid for this.
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Come on out, the biking weather's great!
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Finished my rat-sitting and moved everything back home... this week is UdeM break and Concordia back in session, hence my second "light" week (wherein regularly scheduled classes make way for everything else). My UdeM combinatorics prof urged us to enjoy this week, and I'll do my best. I'm looking forward to being reunited with [ profile] rottenfruit, a "hot date" with [ profile] vierge_en_trop, payday, Carlo's cooking on Thursday at Mother Hubbard's, the return of my regular yoga instructor from vacation...

It shouldn't be too hard to enjoy this week.
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Had a pleasant evening with one of my high school friends (outside of LJSpace), talked politics, religion, work, the future, grey hairs, gossip... I'm glad I met up with him, and it's been a while since I've sat down with just him and talked. He's mellowed a bunch since high school, I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would, even.

I smell like smoke now, though. I can't wait 'til all cafés and bars become smoke-free in the spring.

Oh, randomly: Go on the CBC had Peter Mackay on as a guest this morning, and I was really disappointed that they didn't humiliate him any. Really. I'm this close to writing a letter demanding they stop making him look good (for those of you who don't know, I dislike Peter Mackay with almost the intensity that [ profile] dzuunmod likes Pierre Pettigrew).
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Like much of LJLand, my comment notification e-mails are hit-and-miss, but I'm watching my recent posts' comment counts. Nonetheless, my direct e-mail is more reliable if you want to get my attention fast.</maintenance>

I'm kind of floating above the bits and pieces I have left to do this term... I guess if I put in a few hours each day, they'll be in good shape for the due dates, or at least the last crunch will be less crunchy. I'm a little stressed, but perhaps a bit too happy to care.

Packed books for a really interesting professor this morning, who dresses as casually as my dad (which is pretty casually), eats vegetarian at the Potato and bikes 8km to work most days. Fortunately he's just moving to the new, unified math offices downtown, although I'm sure he could retire if he wanted to. I should poke my head by his (new) office again.

I actually dreamed about packing books last night before getting up and going to pack books.

I don't know if this is going to be a brilliant semester, and I should be worrying about money and grades and stuff, but I'm surrounded by good people, learning interesting stuff and eating pretty well. All good things. This weekend should be nice, with geekery, music and food. And some measure theory and programming, if I know what's good for me.

two down

Nov. 17th, 2005 01:05 pm
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Last midterm: done Tuesday. Class presentation: rocked today. I was the Tuftefied presenter with low-text slides done up in marker and a hopefully clear and engaging presentation involving "staunching bleeding vertices" and "good enough" data transmission without redundant bits (it was about optimal numbering of graphs, coding theory and the wirelength problem, if you're curious). I've officially had a good week, school-wise.

Add in a pleasant loss at Scrabble to [ profile] rottenfruit and breakfast with her and [ profile] red_sneakers, as well as eating well, doing errands, birthdayosity and the love of an amazing woman when I felt a little run over by it all (and when I'm not!)... it's been a good week so far!
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Went out for supper with a longtime friend of my dad's last night, had some really fancy French food. I think I could do that again sometime... or even just go for a sumptuous dessert and coffee...

Had a good day of propagandizing for Peer Support and Frontier... I think the word's pretty much out now, but one more week of Frontier tabling to go, and Peer Support keeps its mezzainine presence going pretty much all year. If you're at SGW between 11 and 1, stop by and say hi sometime. I'll give you a mint, even.

It's possible that (work permitting), Elizabeth will be travelling out to my cousin's place on Monday with me and my folks for Thanksgiving. Word has it all three of us siblings are planning to bring significant others: it'll be nice and crowded if that happens!

I've got plans for Saturday and you all should too:

[image with concert info, 93kb:] Elizabeth Bruce will be playing at the Yellow Door, 3625 Aylmer (between Prince Arthur and Pine) on Saturday October 8th, at 8 PM. Doors open at 7:30, cost is $5 and non-perishable food items will be accepted for the Food for Thought food bank.
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This may be my last entry from my current computer — my supervisor's acquired a new laptop and has decided to pass his on to me, and mine is tripping on down to [ profile] loupdebois sometime in the near future... the "new" machine is actually the same vintage as my current one, but whereas I got the basic model, my supervisor's is the tricked-out one with a somewhat faster chip and much more space.

Went out to the country with [ profile] rottenfruit Saturday night, arrived very tired to supper with my folks, my sister and her boyfriend (who we hadn't met before). I think we both pretty much approve... almost as soon as my mom was alone with us she had a mini-debriefing session to get our opinions. It's not much of a stretch to presume that way back in March there was a similar debriefing right after Elizabeth and I were on the bus. It was a nice wander out, and a good change of pace. Lots of talking, plenty of rest, some dreamlike moments and even some required reading.

I think that cold that I've been dodging since the beginning of the semester just thwacked me. Buy your tissue futures now. This week'll be a little lighter, but still with a couple of freelance appointments -- and that's only what's arranged ahead. Still, if I'm smart I'll be careful to sleep and eat well.

due to loupdebois [and thanks to dzuunmod for chopping #8], stuff will happen if you comment )


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