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Yesterday was beautiful with good food and good company, including a circuitous wander down from my place to Verdun, some garage sale goodies, ice cream, enjoying the city flora, fun conversation, deep conversation, good food, some Red Dwarf, and even a little housework and lining up work. The good day more or less continues unabated today.

The world is as it should be, more or less.


Oct. 19th, 2005 10:13 pm
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[ profile] jul3z offered to interview all comers, and I got these questions.

five questions, five answers, all custom-made )

So, if anyone wants some interview questions, step right up and comment. I'll hit you with five questions to grace your journal.

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Moving day today, [ profile] grammargirl in, my sister out...

Yesterday, went to the monthly Scrabble thing organized by [ profile] feygele and [ profile] vierge_en_trop, had fun, learned an anagram game with tiles and took down the mighty [ profile] feygele in one-on-one in a very slow, gridlocked match (after getting destroyed by a 7-letter play on his last turn in a four-way game).

After that, scarfed some supper and headed over to Azin's flat for a belated birthday incident. Met some neat people, talked, wandered the roofs of most of the block and took some photos (to come, maybe). Good conversation, good cookies (courtesy of [ profile] emjayne and Provigo) and an interesting bathroom guard duty moment.


May. 22nd, 2005 04:00 pm
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It looks like next year's apartment is happening! Got a call today, we'll start the formalities on Tuesday, but I know where I'm living next year (and maybe beyond)!

Also, at [ profile] goddessofjoi's Pho Mitzvah shindig last night, found a potential taker for our vacant room. Things are starting to fall into place. The party was fun, with new and old people (and young and old people), good food, and every cover known to man of "Tainted Love".
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I've been programming a lot lately... some Flash/SQL bridging over PHP for The Lies Project, some user-interface widget stuff for the research, some Lisp to get back in the groove for thinking about the Church-Rosser Theorem. Now I'm on to doing grammars on paper for a bit... I've got the dependencies down, this contextual grammar might go down OK after all. Describing how to reproduce the process might be a little hard, though: "scratch this out, stare at stuff, make it right, dammit!"

My apartment situation is a little iffier, apparently the concierge for the place I thought I was moving into has shown the place to another person while I was getting organized... and I thought it was a lease assignment. Boo. Still, anyone who is interested in the place I'm at now: I'd love to hear from you. July occupancy preferred, but flexible. Renewable by arrangement with the landlord.

Work, social life and everything is jam-packed but fun. Grumpy's tonight, after a few hours of work catch-up. Moving and cataloguing equipment at the office tomorrow during the day. Yoga will be very welcome come 5 PM. Frontier meeting with the new Concordia coordinator (well, with two people, one of whom will be named the campus person) and the student organizers for next year on Thursday, delayed housewarming on Friday for a high school friend and his girlfriend. Saturday: Pho Mitzvah block party out East.

Rinse, rearrange, repeat! Victoria Day will be very welcome too. Victoria Day with yoga not cancelled would be even nicer I think.

It's been six months less a day since a long chat in the park turned my world a little bit upside down in a good way.
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Stopped being semi-productive long enough to go and engage in some random acts of photography with [ profile] emjayne at Grumpy's, meeting [ profile] dheneb, [ profile] syracusepoet and [ profile] moonlightjoy as well as an old high school friend over the course of the excursion.

Took some pictures.

Came home, talked math and work.

Posted them here.

Pendant and lips
Pendant and lips

more pulchritude )
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No phone messages, no e-mails... usually there's something going on at the FC office, but now this scheduled time is just plain quiet. Even the ventilation's kind of relaxing... if I'm not careful I'm going to wind up snoozing. Typical week up ahead, if there is such a thing :)

Did a bunch of TA-related stuff that I was running late on over the weekend, as well as getting routed from the table relatively quickly playing poker with my friends from back home, and attending [ profile] keyef's very relaxed and fun birthday incident. Got to see [ profile] sbourge in colour for the first time, talked, took pics, lounged, and ate a lot (some pics to follow).
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Here are the highlights of the highlights of today's photo foray. It was a beautiful day.

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Had a morning full of photography, fun, snowballs, doodling, exploring, dancing and general fun with [ profile] emjayne and [ profile] don_teo... 180 photos in 5 hours, or one shot every 36 seconds... and we did have time to talk and wander and eat... did Westmount Park, Villa Maria High, and Piz's (and the incredible two-tablecloth doodlethon).

A fantastic time was had by all, and we killed the batteries on all our cameras.



Jan. 2nd, 2005 02:14 am
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Christmas and post-Christmas highlights

New Year's Bashes 2005

I've been enjoying my break... almost back in class now, and somewhat broke-until-invoices-clear, but all is well and I've been enjoying my spiffy little camera.

Happy oh-five, everyone!

is love!

Nov. 27th, 2004 07:15 pm
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OK, this is kinda cool.

I'm interested in love )

In other news, it’s been a busy Frontier weekend so far... we had the provincial get-together over supper last night and all day today. I’m a little bleary eyed but encouraged. My opposite numbers from UQO, UQAM, Sherbrooke, UdeM and McGill and our permanent staffers are all a pleasure to train, machinate and shoot the breeze with. We’ve got our work cut out for us, but this was a great reminder that our campus literacy organizations aren’t isolated unless we forget to pick up the phone or fire off an e-mail.

Went to part of [ profile] moonlightjoy’s Cho night at the Hearth in between Frontier-ings, relaxed, ate, actually got within petting distance of one of their aloof felines, laughed and put more faces to user pictures.

I’m going to sleep well tonight.
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It’s been a good weekend — art opening on Friday night at Galérie l’Espace (it’s still open ‘til Tuesday... 19 prints and printy intstallations from up and coming artists), went, saw that, ran into a bunch of people from my print media days at Concordia (many of whom have been crawling around the same woodwork as me: Luke and Miriam in particular), went for beers and a large Giovan poutine at Copacabana (I hadn’t gotten around to eating since breakfast, a large was necessary) afterwards was hit on relentlessly by this thirtysomething antique-collector and bistro-guy... I guess I should be flattered ... caught and talked with Mike from Île Sans FIl about the wifi scene, video games and politics.

Saturday was cleaning, unsuccessful costume engineering, then a Birthday Incident for [ profile] emjayne with food, vaguely familiar people, new LJites to watch (welcome [ profile] goddessofjoi, [ profile] kidlicious73 and [ profile] balistic... I’m sure I’ve met Balistic before, maybe at [ profile] cuz_mary_jane’s birthday do? ... and if anyone knows the username associated with Glenn [?] the sci-fi editor ... ) ... I have a lead on a cat, Noisette, who we may adopt over here in a week’s time or so.

Today [yesterday now]... marking, more cleaning, reading, procrastinating on the five hundred ideas flying in loose formation that is our prototype...

Today [now-today]... exam invigilation, class, give lab, meeting, program, mark.

I feel a little lot off kilter, still. But still going... like bicycling downhill on one of those ice cream bikes (which — useless trivia — I have done without injury from time to time). Friends, fun and work are all much appreciated these days.

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The post-potluck assessment is that the people were great, the apartment is well-suited to potlucks and the food was fantastic. The roof, kitchen and living-room-soon-to-be-Sylvain’s-room all accomodated the fun, pulchirtudinous (thanks, [ profile] emjayne and [ profile] moonlightjoy, for putting that in my vocabulary) crowd. I always wind up racing around a lot at parties I throw, but getting to know new people, seeing off departing folks and catching up with the regulars was a nice way to kick off vacation.

A few people didn’t make it due to short notice or conflicts with their outside lives... this’ll be easier when everyone is pinned down for work or school in the fall, but that’s just a good reason to throw another one.

I’m officially on vacation now -- the bosses gave us a week extra off! Whee! (I smell a crunch coming in September-October, but I’ll deal with that when it comes).

Today: moving Sylvain in during the day... goodbye temporary living room, hello human presence!
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Got enough stuff to sleep, cook and dress over to the new place yesterday, with the help of my sister, her pick-up truck and [ profile] funny_socks. My sister rocks. We got every large item of furniture into the truck, down to the new place and out of the truck in about two and a half hours, and despite a grand total of zero ropes or tarps, kept the whole stack in the back of the truck over the course of the typically pothole-laden trip. Nobody tailgated us though -- the stack did oscillate threateningly!

There’s still some paperwork to deal with at both ends of the move, and phone/DSL service to await eagerly at the new place. I’m semi-settled, but the end of wanting to do something and needing to unpack the prerequisites is in sight.

Ran into a whole bunch of my new neighbours last night: [ profile] moonlightjoy, [ profile] syracusepoet and [ profile] emjayne -- if the respirator’s any use to you, I still have it by the way -- and started my acclimatization to the new blend of street noises outside my window (less sirens and general craziness, but less of a baffling effect from other buildings).

I’m unprogrammerly today, but fortunately there is reading and distribution of documentation to do. I hope I’m more with it soon.
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pâté-eating-vegetarian-approved dry-fried string beans

recipe in here )

Serve hot with rice or cold as some kind of bean salad, preferably at a great garden party chez [ profile] moonlightjoy and [ profile] emjayne.

Happy St. Jean Baptiste!
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Things are good if a little busy... had a nice night out, skipping from a cat-and-Torontonian([ profile] mindrobber)-welcoming at [ profile] emjayne and [ profile] moonlightjoy’s place to a party where the music for which I went never actually happened but a lot of interesting people (including [ profile] tylerpistol) turned up. Friday night was another shindig somewhere else, Wednesday was a potluck here... lots of social contact, lots of nice people, but I’m just about out of steam now... this week promises to involve a lot of writing and some sleep...

Been doing a lot of big-issues talking with assorted people recently, and have some big-issues papers and research to go. Less than a month of undergrad to go... I feel that even being stunned is somewhat productive these days.

More later, in less than the week entries seem to be taking of late I hope.
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For those of you that have heard a little too much about the killer paper... it has been pushed out the door and across the pond, in pretty good shape. If the editors like it, it’ll be out in the fall, I believe. Now back to regularly scheduled programming (more literally than that sounds)...

Having scheduled various things for when I thought the paper would be done, I got in a fair amount of human contact while working on it... thanks everyone for several good breaths of fresh air and concentrated bits of unwinding (and a spiffy red t-shirt)!

[ profile] emjayne, can I drop by sometime to pick up the casserole dish? Maybe Thursday?


Jan. 18th, 2004 04:48 am
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Visited [ profile] emjayne’s housewarming... one kickass party (hence the 4AM entry) with lots of neat people including me ride-home-plus-party buddies [ profile] red_sneakers, [ profile] keyef and [ profile] electricland... and a creature of astounding massageability who has no LJ. (sigh)

Fantastic food, good company, lots of fun, and reason enough to track a few more lives here... and consider a kitchen party in the near future!

Ah... bedtime now.


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