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Jun. 21st, 2017 06:34 pm
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Ada is having a good language month:

"Pizza, here [points to mouth]… Papa, here plate!"

"Castle! Bounce bounce bounce. Whee, slide!"

"More orange juice. More orange juice, mummy. More orange juice, now. All done orange juice."
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Yesterday was Elizabeth's and my sixth wedding anniversary. Woo for crazy married adventures and making things up as we go along!

Vivien composed her first three-word sentence today: "Doggie likes juice!" She was dipping her toy dog in her juice at the time. Earlier this week, Oscar decided I was like a Christmas tree. Why? Because I go around and around. Like a Christmas tree. I'm not sure where that came from...

Also, there is an "I am still here" meme going around LJ. I'm still here!
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Oscar has a few words that are obviously from my dad (and always uttered in an Oscar version of my dad's delivery):

  • “Heyyyy!!!”: This one came first, and is mostly when he's suffering from grandparent withdrawal.
  • “Upp-à-là!”: when climbing or jumping.
  • “Bingo!” (sometimes sounds like “mango!”)

He also definitely knows the word “grandpa!”. That all these words have exclamation points after them is not accidental.

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I did my periodic language testing for my bilingual status at work this week… and I got the coveted "okay, you're bilingual, now don't come back" result (E levels across the board). Yay, one less process to keep up with! Now, any French grammar upgrading I do can be purely recreational or social.

meme bis

Jul. 7th, 2008 10:56 pm
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I got [ profile] gregorama to review my interests list and pick out the seven most interesting ones (to him). Here are the explanations-of-sorts:
… is something I picked up from [ profile] denkizero, I guess mostly a greeting/handshake thing sort of like coucou, which I also find fun.
it's a marker of the conspiracy
generative design
I worked on a project dubbed Generative Design for several years in university — it was about shape grammars, symmetry and cataloguing traditional pattern. I think it's sort of dormant now, but it was good fun and was the backbone of my M.Sc. thesis.
A shibboleth is a code-word which is unpronounceable or unknown to the out-group: "sibboleth" is how the out-group pronounces it. I got the out-group note here (in the footnotes), and have been sort of piqued by political shibboleths, left and right, of late.
useful trivia
Better than useless trivia! I'm pretty full of the useless stuff, and sometimes it does turn out to be useful, or at least pertinent.
I like running with the joke (and remaining smiling).
I read a fair number of blogs, and some of my good friends are academics.


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