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This post is in reverse-to-random chronological order.

First, some promised Oscar pictures:

Oscar crawling out of the frame in our backyard

This one is gracing my desktop at work.

Oscar holding himself up on a bead toy

Here's a recent indoor one. He needs only a little hand contact with something sort of stable to stay upright.

Date night!

Last night, [personal profile] fairestcat came by, loaded us and Oscar up in her car, drove us all to Zen Kitchen, let us out, and kept going. She, [personal profile] random and the other people at fannish night took care of him for the night while Elizabeth and I got to have a fantastic meal and some time to ourselves without checking baby position constantly or worrying he'd wake up. Toward midnight, we were starting to miss Oscar (or at least wanting to put him to bed and call it a night), but it was definitely refreshing. We should definitely do that sooner than the eight months it took us to get around to that.

Raven’s Knoll work

Raven's Knoll, the campground that hosts Kaleidoscope Gathering among other pagan and pagan-ish happenings, is kept running in part on volunteer labour. The three of us went up with [personal profile] random on the weekend. Moving and stacking wood and brush was the main activity for [personal profile] random and me, and Elizabeth took care of Oscar and helped out in the kitchen. Working out there was fun both for the satisfaction of working (and stacking wood with proper ends on the stack — thanks, Dad, for teaching me that!) and for the universally pleasant company of the other workers. I was quite happy to get a better sense of Brendan, who led things and is there full-time keeping the place running.

Mum Update

Thursday and Friday, we headed up to my parents' place to see my mum and give my parents an Oscar fix. Mum's looking great and despite being a little out of breath occasionally, had lots of energy. Oscar also got to meet Jeannie the cleaning lady, who I think has been looking forward to meeting Oscar for about eight months now :)

Back to work

I went back to work on Monday. It was a little surprising how quickly work felt sort of normal to me; I guess it hasn't been that long. Most of Monday was spent getting things re-activated and catching up on what I was supposed to start work on, and yesterday and today were pretty meeting-heavy, but there looks to be imminent actual work, and a variety of it, with clients that I either know I like or get a good vibe from. I feel like it'll take a couple of weeks to say hi to all the people that make up the complete work experience, and thus be completely back, but I'm feeling good about the transition so far.

Pixel Update

Pixel had her stitches out yesterday, and looks much less scary and a bit happier today. I think she lost some weight when she was stressed and not eating in the cone, but not a scary amount as the vet weighed her and didn't worry. She's got a vaccine booster appointment in a month, if she's still skinny then we'll see what else needs doing. She was a little grimy looking after the cone for a while, but she's groomed herself back to her usual elegant coat.

Mum update

May. 20th, 2011 12:08 pm
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Talked to Mum this morning on the phone; she's been out surveying the garden for the first time since the surgery, and has her support network of CLSC nurse, friends and family swinging through to help out and take care of her and of home. She sounds a lot less tired than last time we talked, and pretty happy. Owen's planning on making it out on Monday, and I'm hoping to get out there before I go back to work at the end of the month.
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I called Chantal around lunch, and she was just trying to find parking so she could give Mum a lift home. Seeing she was trying to find parking when I called, that's all I know for now, but I'm guessing it's part of good health news.

Mum update

May. 13th, 2011 08:35 pm
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I talked to Mum this morning, she's sounding a bit tired, but doing okay. She's had a transfusion due to some blood pressure issues, but is still in the step-down unit. If all goes well, she'll be in a more relaxed hospital room tonight or tomorrow, and home by sometime next week.
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Mum is, to quote my dad, out of "intensive intensive" care and into "mellow intensive" care and back on normal (well, hospital) food. Things are looking good!

Mum update

May. 9th, 2011 09:09 pm
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My mum discovered she had angina late last week, and went into the hospital in Montreal on Thursday. We went down for Mother's Day in a hospital room on Sunday — she was pretty positive and still looked really healthy. They decided to keep her for bypass surgery, and today she had her surgery and is now in recovery, with my dad and sister keeping her company. The really scary stuff is past, and she should be out before next week.


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