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We hosted a cooking and eating party in honour of the previous owner of our house, who left behind a box of handwritten and clipped recipes. For posterity (because I don't trust Facebook to keep the event around forever, and because not everyone here is on Facebook), here are the recipes that got made and eaten. They're all copied verbatim in English, French or something in-between.
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It was a fun evening, with eight kids at its peak, and lots of food, conversation and basically managed chaos. I think we may have to do it again; the recipe box has lots more for another round.
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The holidays went by pretty fast — it felt like we were doing something social nightly for about two weeks. It's a good thing Oscar generally seems to like parties!

Christmas eve, we went over to Elizabeth's parents' place for the traditional nut loaf, cookies, rum balls and gifts. Christmas day, we drove to Ormstown and joined 17 or so family at my parent's place, feasting extensively and helping the new people get names straight. I had been a little sniffly on Christmas eve, but by Christmas day, I was full-blown sick, so a bit subdued. Boxing Day was sort of quiet, but three generations of my parents' next-door neighbours walked over to admire Oscar and say hi. The 27th was the annual Christmas bash with white elephant gift exchange (aka "steal the present") — last year there was one kid there, this year there were three and we were all starting to feel a bit grown-up. We got together at my friend A's parents' place, about 20km past civilization — Enterprise was out of compact cars and gave us something with four-wheel drive, which got some use as we were whacking through snow drifts to get there. On the 28th, we celebrated [personal profile] dagibbs' birthday with food and drink and cheer at his place, and on the 29th we celebrated [personal profile] frenchzie's housewarming and birthday. On the 30th was our mostly-weekly D&D game at our place, and on the 31st we stayed in and rung in the new year with the upstairs people from House of Flail, Ticket to Ride: Europe and Dominion, and some mead from 1999.

The most memorable presents this year were Ticket to Ride: Europe from Elizabeth (a rather addictive little game), a huge jug of Beau's Nightmärzen from my cousin Erica, and a medieval-looking Garden Weasel from my parents.

I've had two tasty gift beers lately. Most recently was Nightmärzen, from my cousin Erica, which is a bright amber beer, Beau's hoppiest beer and fall offering. It reminds me a little of a darker Grolsch — same fresh, sort of pungent hoppiness, with a bit more sweet, and kind of light and easy-drinking. It's got a nice fizz to it and a modest head. I think it would be most excellent on tap when I'm expecting to stay for more than one pint somewhere. A little before that was Fuller's 2010 Vintage Ale, from [ profile] the_arachne — it's supposed to be a prime candidate for ageing, and I may get another bottle to stash away. Consumed at a few months old, it was like a light-ish, sweet barleywine (despite a lower alcohol content than most barleywines), with notes of somewhat rough port. It had big malty flavour as well, but definitely tasted kind of young and almost unfinished.
In resolutions and plans for the year, I'd like to build a trellis and get some peas and beans up this year, and maybe even manage to get pumpkins into our squash mix. I also would like to not buy stuff made with water that I could've reconstituted myself — juice from concentrate, any sort of tea in a bottle, and bottled water. This is inspired by seeing chai syrup for sale in our local fancy grocery store. I would also like to bike up into the Pontiac sometime this year, and get out on the bike sometime in every calendar month. To this end, I should really clean and lubricate my chain before I need a new one.

Places I've slept in 2010:

  • Eganville, ON.
  • Gatineau (Hull), QC. A lot.
  • Gatineau (Gatineau), QC.
  • Montreal, QC.
  • Mont-Tremblant, QC.
  • Ormstown, QC.
  • Ottawa, ON.
  • Quebec, QC.

In a little bit of rantiness, I've been fuming slightly over Google's ranking of restaurant pages. When I search for a restaurant, I probably want the official page (with menu, hours and phone) somewhere in the first hits, and failing that (or to help me decide), a review written by a real human with as much of that information as possible. The last thing I want is a listing scraped from the yellow pages, with Bing's best guess at where it is located, in which I can be the first to write a review or add information.

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If you're a gradutate student at Concordia, you're cordially invited to the GSA open house this evening, from 4 PM on: live music from Elizabeth Bruce, Shane Watt and Tasha Cyr; food (vegan goodies from Blue Monday and pizza); drink; GSA execs and councillors; information; beautiful GSA agendas and most importantly: tons of grad students from across the university.

Where: GSA house (T annex, 2030 Mackay)
When: 4 PM 'til midnight or when people wander away (whichever comes first)

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Went to the wedding of a couple of good friends on the weekend... those two are so made for each other, and they had a wedding with a good ceremony, heartfelt speeches and a really nice party. It was my first wedding with [ profile] rottenfruit as my date, it was uplifting and happy.

My mum finished re-doing the kitchen back home.

We've been hanging our laundry out on the back deck, as we have a working washing machine and a dryer-sized doorstop in our kitchen. The cable guy came yesterday to add TV to our Internet and phone pipe. The level of boxes from moving around here has hit a plateau on the way down, I think.

I'm swimming in a to-do list, much of which is paying and interesting. I'm looking forward to the housewarming thing at the new place on FridaySaturday. The summer is going by really fast. I'm almost ready to kiss the CIBC goodbye.

I feel confident and stable, for the most part.
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Programming a little distractedly for some contract work, trying to get a big PHP form done before drifting off to sleep. I don't think I'll go much past two AM, and progress, as always, will be in spurts. It's coming together, though.

The week's involved programming and planning this thing, some math, more thinking and talking, the last official class of TA-ing (although there'll be a make-up test this week, right before [ profile] rottenfruit sings in the opera recital at Oscar Peterson (that's Wednesday night, 8 PM, $5 or free for students, by the way). Last Sunday was my third birthday celebration of the weekend: this time for [ profile] obskura. I was pretty zonked, and mildly hypnotized by the movie, but enjoyed the people and the yummy bruschetta.

Next week, I'm presenting some stuff on the individual ergodic theorem, working on take-homes and preparing to set new directions for the summer's research. One of our high-powered programmers is leaving for work in Kitchener-Waterloo, so we've got to sort out baton-passing and wrap-up.


Oct. 19th, 2005 10:13 pm
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[ profile] jul3z offered to interview all comers, and I got these questions.

five questions, five answers, all custom-made )

So, if anyone wants some interview questions, step right up and comment. I'll hit you with five questions to grace your journal.


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