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I've been on a routine maintenance kick lately — I started with a physical for my pension buyback, got my allergies assessed, blood checked out, shots updated. I probably have one more bunch of paper to pick up, then I'm done outside of flu shots for three years. Aside from that: eat well and be active as usual, but take some B12 to help my red blood cells keep up with the rigours of life — no need to be more exhausted than strictly necessary!

I considered signing up for a vasectomy after our third baby is born — three is a good number for us, I think. The week of not lifting kids or walking unnecessarily during recovery sounds like something better scheduled for when everyone is in school, though. I have my referral; maybe I can call it in in 2020. Meanwhile: maybe someone needs some proven-fertile (and, judging from our kids, smart, energetic and funny) genetic material? I am out of the blood system but maybe qualifying to give sperm is within reach — although an initial web search indicates that Canada doesn't have much of a sperm bank system outside of one operation in Toronto… possibly due to strict laws against the sale of sperm. It seems that all abject terror of markets for sperm has done is atrophy the collection system. I've read about egg donation, and it is kind of terrifying, risky and probably did need measures in place to discourage exploitation of broke people with ovaries. I'm also a bit mystified that there aren't enough potential donors to support a centre in a major-ish urban area. Surely there are many people who are fertile and who wouldn't mind sharing the wealth with people having difficulties or lacking an easier source of sperm. As it is, apparently it is completely legal to buy gametes from the States and abroad: there's something a little off about that.

I don't know that I have any good conclusions, but it is a little odd and frustrating.
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We sent out a picture of the kids with our Christmas cards this year. We do things DIY around here, despite the recommendation of one of my friends who wrangles a family of five into a photo with the help of a trusted Superstore photographer every year with good results. It probably took us a little longer (and two sessions, one of which is lost to the vagaries of a borked camera card), but we got one that definitely captures where the kids were at in late November. Here it is:

Oscar smiling, Vivien looking perturbed

The first thing not visible there is Elizabeth under the blanket holding them relatively still.

The other things not visible are the blooper shots, of which here are two:
cut in case you prefer to leave your illusions intact )
Here are a couple more cute shots of Vivien from around Christmas:
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I have another picture post from a few drawing workshops in the works, but it does take a while to crank them out these days.


Dec. 30th, 2012 05:50 pm
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Here's the semi-standardized questionnaire applied to 2012 — it was a pretty intense year in some ways.

What did you do in 2012 that you'd never done before?
Filed a police report, juggled two kids out solo.

lots more )

Did I miss any useful questions? I dropped a couple of irrelevant ones, and will be watching the memesphere for stuff to add.
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1. What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
Fathered a child (well, I guess some salient bits were done in 2009), grew peas, built a hardwood floor, drafted a will, published a statistics paper, took a train in business class, drove a pickup truck.
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Some random thoughts on baby changing:

First, we don't have a changing table. For now, we can change Oscar in our laps, or on the floor or a couch (on a towel or piqué sheet), or we have a changing spot in the nursery with everything at hand on or around a wide Ikea adjustable shelf: that way, Oscar is at an easy working height. As a bonus, there are rails in the sides of the shelves that, along with the wall, fence him in on three sides, and we got a bar that hangs below the shelf, on which we hang fresh onesies (seeing that sometimes a change is a good time to replace leaked-on or spat-up-opon clothes while we're at it).

Second, I was thinking of the two easiest ways to help a parent changing a baby without actually changing the baby. First, if they're using cloth wipes, they're going to want one dampened. Offering to wet one while they unwrap the baby makes things go faster. Second, when they're done, they'll probably want to wash their hands. Offering to hold the baby after the change saves the parent from washing hands one-handed.
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First of all, fajitas in grocery stores.

The grocery store will try and sell you fajita kits. The spice mix packet usually says something like "salt, MSG, spices" to keep you coming back rather than making your own. The secret, my friends, is cumin. And look in the bakery section rather than the Mexican section for tortillas — they seem to be cheaper there.

Second, Firefox 3.5 for Mac OS.

This is the release of Firefox that really feels like a Mac browser. It's zippy, smooth and has all the features of Safari I care about. Also, it accepts add-ons easily. Like Fission, which brings back the nice progress bar in the address bar that Apple mysteriously scrapped. A progress bar makes pages feel like they load faster! Also, Aardvark, so you never have to print more of a Web page than you actually want to print.

Third, a message from my burlesque-singing, raunchy, funny, should-get-an-Ottawa-tour-date-dammit, cousins-in-law, the Wet Spots.

Not safe for work! If you see them live, maybe they'll do the longer, funny intro about hospital staff...
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…computer scientists commonly choose models which have bottoms, but prefer them topless.
Davey, B. A. and H. A. Priestly. Introduction to lattices and order, 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. p. 15.

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In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Stop making silly resolutions.

Get your resolution here.

Elizabeth gave blood yesterday, and I went along as moral support (I miss being able to give, but maybe I'll be able to give again this year sometime)… the wait was pretty long and they offered everyone in the waiting area chocolates from the Laura Secord next door. On the downside, the Radisson Globule is filled with blood-related art and literature. I wouldn't be surprised if they were nudging donors' heart rates and blood pressure up, like here (found in [ profile] montrealais' journal).

My parents gave me a new dresser for Christmas, to replace the older-than-me one I've been using for over 20 years. I assembled it last night, and put it in before going to have some beer and free peanuts with people from Ellie's work. As we were leaving, one of her co-workers, citing 'French humour' asked if “on allait dans la toilette pour faire l'amour.” Hmm.
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Comment with an interest in being interviewed and I'll think up some questions for you. Comment with some questions and I'll try to answer them.

Watch out, the hippie germs are contagious. )


Oct. 19th, 2005 10:13 pm
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[ profile] jul3z offered to interview all comers, and I got these questions.

five questions, five answers, all custom-made )

So, if anyone wants some interview questions, step right up and comment. I'll hit you with five questions to grace your journal.


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