Dec. 13th, 2015 10:54 am
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It's been a while since I posted, and this has been sitting on the notepad for a while…

When I was at work, I listened to a lot of podcasts to damp down noise from the floor while doing not-too-intense work. At home, I find time here and there — while cooking, sometimes while the kids play if the kids are off doing their own thing, while on the bus to grab a car… it's a small luxury to let a chunk of consciousness run around with smart, different folks across Internet audio.

Here is what I manage to listen to regularly:

Spark from CBC Radio: Nora Young has the best radio voice among living radio hosts, in my opinion (Lister Sinclair gets best ever). The podcast is mostly about technology, but in an expansive, humane way that often focused on usability, accessibility and the creative uses people come up with for existing technologies.

Death, Sex, Money from WNYC is a show of long-form interviews touching on the title topics (usually all three of them) with people who have lived through some interesting stuff.

Planet Money from NPR is a show about economics for laypeople — sometimes they do a show on explaining a hyped topic (What is a collateralized debt obligation? What just happened to the Chinese markets?). Sometimes they look at something mundane and explain the minutiae (t-shirt manufacturing, raisins) and sometimes they follow a person's cunning business plan with an eye to what economic mechanisms are in play underneath (a y taxi medallion empire, for instance).

More or Less from BBC Radio 4 is a show of statistical fact-checking: from political claims to memes about toxic levels of banana consumption (hint: absent a health condition that makes you super-sensitive, you will have trouble keeping down enough bananas to kill you via potassium or radiation poisoning). It's funny, chatty and a neat way to think about all steps of the statistical process while finding out what's preoccupying Brits who listen to or make geeky podcasts.

I also listen to and enjoy Savage Love (US politics and relationship advice), Polyamory Weekly (charmingly indie relationships and media watching), Radiolab (lovingly crafted, humane stories touching on science) and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (passionate lectures on a huge range of history, mostly military and political, with lots of quotes from original sources and psychological guesswork — and a voice and delivery that I like but is hard to be neutral on).

Any suggestions I might like, especially in the 15–30 minute range?
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Here are the official results and supporting numbers for the baby guessing game Elizabeth ran on Facebook (using the names supplied on Facebook). I standardized the three components to have a root mean squared error of one, and summed the standardized differences; lowest sum wins. Congratulations Ada!

Female? Weight (oz) Date diff Sq. error (sex) Sq. error (wt) Sq. error (date) Score (sex) Score (weight) Score (date) Score (sum)
Ada Marie 1 77 16 0 4 256 0.00 0.06 0.75 0.80
Marc Phillion 1 104 11 0 841 121 0.00 0.83 0.51 1.34
Lynne Stockwell 1 98 23 0 529 529 0.00 0.65 1.07 1.73
Caycee Price 1 104 20 0 841 400 0.00 0.83 0.93 1.76
Sara Boucher 1 113 15 0 1,444 225 0.00 1.08 0.70 1.78
Kelly Ryan 1 115 23 0 1,600 529 0.00 1.14 1.07 2.21
Judith Stockwell Taylor 1 114 25 0 1,521 625 0.00 1.11 1.17 2.28
Jessica Cohen 1 112 27 0 1,369 729 0.00 1.05 1.26 2.31
Cynthia Bruce-Marzenska 1 123 21 0 2,348 441 0.00 1.38 0.98 2.36
Karen Bennett 0 118 27 1 1,849 729 3.16 1.22 1.26 5.65
TRUE 1 75 0
RMSE 0.32 35.14 21.41
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I made it, through the full-body scanner and a flight above the clouds, to Washington D.C. I mixed Metro (mostly) and walking (from L'Enfant Plaza across the National Mall to Chinatown, so get a sniff of the air, get a look at the monumental-ness, and grab some tasty Thai food) to get me to the University of Maryland, where I'm staying and taking a course on disclosure control. Today was the ins and outs of releasing aggregated data, which is the end of things I've worked more in. Mostly for myself: I should e-mail Dr. Cox about where methodological transparency grants the intruder extra leverage in estimating sensitive cells: his problematic findings on feasible intervals, and Dr. Karr's recent conference papers on the topic in general. I think I'm getting some good review and some connecting details that I was missing so far.

Tonight I'm probably going to drop south from Foggy Bottom into the western end of the National Mall and try to see the giant statue of Lincoln and the Vietnam Veterans' monument. Tomorrow: microdata, dynamic queries, and then the rush to the airport to get home.

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I renewed my Dreamwidth subscription not too long ago. Here are some reasons why:

cut for those who don't want to be evangelized )
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Update on Snap on LJ: it was getting a bit tired, inserting ugly icons, and not proving all that useful. Maybe if LJ auto-titled untitled links, or snapped stuff behind the cut, that would be better. Meanwhile, I guess I'll just try and be all XKCD and give useful (or at least non-empty) link titles.

Also, I saw a poster at a health-stuff store that was kind of amusing: "70% of most people don't eat enough vegetables." I wonder what percentage of the rest of people don't eat enough vegetables. Am I part of most people? I almost wrote a rambling methodological description of what it might mean if it wasn't just carelessly-written ad copy, but I'll spare you all and save it for my documentation-writing tomorrow.


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