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So, I sign up for e-bills and check the "send me e-mail when bills arrive" option in March. I keep getting enough paper bills to impart a feeling of keeping up, but my phone/Internet bill keeps piling up in my e-bill thing without a single e-mail. Three days before they pull the plug, I call to change some stuff and am informed that they can't do anything until I shovel a heap of money their way.

I pay the CIBC service fees to do stuff like notify me when they recieve e-bills. And maintain branches (they always close the ones close to me soon after I arrive in a neighbourhood). The CIBC can't manage this. I'm switching banks (I'm thinking Desjardins RBC (Desjardins horror stories seem to abound, and there's an RBC right near my place)... any horror stories I should know about?)

In good news, Noisette is back from whatever dimension she was hiding in. Lost cat situation over (for now).
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It turns out, Bell, when I cancelled my account, charged me $2.68 for "tolerance". Yes, I know what it means, but still, it's a nice illustration of telco manners.

I got to sleep until I was more or less naturally awake with my beloved last night. Not being a slave to the alarm clock feels very good.

Lots to do as usual: coding, administration-y stuff, studying... the end of the term is coming, though. I'm a little exhausted, but stuff is falling by the wayside a little more gracefully than it has in the past.

I'm having a funny relationship with the future right now. It's pretty unreal, even though I'm looking forward to, dreading and just acknowledging some fairly real things.
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1) ASA for sore shoulder
2) belt
3) multi-tool (on belt)
4) ???

We'll find out.

Hopefully my shoulder stays OK, my pants stay on and I don't need to cut or wrench anything.

One down

Apr. 14th, 2005 01:34 pm
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Did my Abstract this morning... yes, this morning. I thought it was at two, and was ready to breeze into the Hall building at 1:30 or so, get settled and write about rings and ideals for three hours. But this morning at ten, Sylvain asked me why I wasn't writing my exam — we have some mutual friends in there — and it didn't take me too long to realize that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and bike like hell to the exam room. They let me in to write, so I wrote I think about 85% of the exam in 50% of the time. Not bad, but something of a waste at the same time.

What's done is done, I guess. Two more to go.
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My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Howitzer of Compassion.

Get yours.

And DO read the article!
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Slipped in the shower this morning, landed on my hands and butt, slicing my big toe on the tap and popping the shoulder out for the first time in three months or so.

Such a waste. I hope I'm not officially back to square 1.

I want to punch something, but I know that's asking for trouble.
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How ironic.

Peter MacKay, tory turncoat, miffed at a political agreement being ignored when convenient.

David Orchard is probably deciding between having a chuckle and a cry right about now.

oh, my!

Jan. 18th, 2005 12:48 pm
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Lookie here (more or less suitable for work... unless you work for Bill)


Dec. 30th, 2004 07:41 pm
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To the bike molester(s) near Concordia,

    This is the second time I've had bits of my bike swiped by you... first my seat and seat post, and now both my wheels and my back gear. It was there a little longer than I'd hoped because the lock had frozen and I needed to get appropriate harware to free my main mode of transport, and when I came back to free it, you'd made it unridable and caused me undue financial hardship to come replacing the wheels — the broken-spoked skinny wheels with stripped tires you'd left to camouflage your work don't do it for me.

    If I run across anyone abusing a bike in the next while, I'll be sorely tempted to u-lock their neck to something solid and ream them out with a seat post before feeding it to them. I probably won't, of course... but you never know...


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Teaching workshops is always that combination of fun and crazy-making... had a little syntax hangup in front of twenty students today, scrambled around until I realized that @import exists in CSS, @include is a perfectly reasonable figment of my imagination. Are those grey hairs poking into critical neurons? I like this group, they’re flexible, they understand when little snafus are pointed out to them, they bear with me and ask good questions. But they probably all did have time to get a coffee while I bashed away, incredulous at the browser not @include-ing the code I was demonstrating.

One more pair of workshops to go... I think these have, in conjunction with the lecture-hall stuff on images and linking, given them a good flying tour of how to think about the Web as data.

I’ve given up on approach #1 to snapping and straightening in the quick-and-dirty interpreter (which has so far taken two months to drag, kicking and screaming, into partial existence)... so, I’ll blow it down and start again. It’s all about picking when to intervene and when to let things be. Kind of like real life (half of what I know about real life has been driven home by programming and formal math :P)

I’ve got to get better at knocking down and restarting... and at doing stuff in little pieces. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed or overcommitted otherwise. This week’s looking a little better for that, though.

I wish I were back on October 14th or so. Everything looked crazy but on the cusp of being over the hump then. Then again, I’d probably still be back here, blowing stuff down, burning up precious think time, chewing over @includes and wondering how I was going to sleep in the bed I’ve made.
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Yippee! Meeting pushed back a day!

More time to bughunt, less (meetings/productive time) in the moment!

(Although today was largely admin and knowledge transmission, and now I’m babysitting a backup, so it all evens out)

Silliness brewing... I must not act like too much of a spaz.


slap happy

Aug. 5th, 2004 10:32 am
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Went to Krispy Kreme with some friends last night and overestimated the demand for coffee. Got one of those boxes of coffee, for what turned out to be four people. Got very wired on caffeine and sugar. Didn’t sleep. Felt stupid. Came into work seemingly very early, but actually very very late last night. Documented. Coded. Propped eyelids open. Will make it to lunchtime before staggering home...

We don’t do very well keeping regular hours here, no...
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How’s this for bluntness? From Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish:
Even the vice-president cannot manage to explicitly endorse such graffiti on the founding document of this country.

It would be fun to see the anti-gay-marriage-amendment issue be the tipping point on a treaty-busting, protectionist-in-globalist’s-clothing, chicken-hawk, half-baked, Enron-loving, paranoia-inducing, wildlife-stomping, justice-concealing[denying], economic-hand-waving, theocratic, plutocratic, kleptocratic, generally moronic, soapbox-made-of-corpses administration. Although that it didn’t tip earlier is still kind of terrifying. I suspect Montrealers will be dancing in the streets when we find ourselves sharing a bed with a donkey rather than an elephant again!


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