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So, I acquired an iPod Touch after my old iPod died; I'm wondering what folks on iOS use to post to Dreamwidth/LJ, preferably something that allows offline composition and does sensible things with tags and cross-posting.
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I've created a filter over here with a mix of Dreamwidth usernames and Livejoural OpenID URIs. Does anyone know of an easy way to push the Livejournal OpenID URIs over to an identically-named Livejournal filter?
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I just set up OpenID at my woefully out-of-date but pithier URL of Like my e-mail over there, the idea is to future-proof my online identity: I more or less own my own domain, whereas it is possible that Dreamwidth, myOpenID, Livejournal or whoever else will do something I don't like (or just be reduced to a smoking crater by a DDoS or an antitrust lawsuit or something). Through the miracle of OpenID delegation, if I get sick of whatever site is doing the OpenID listing, I just fire them, change these two lines, and keep my OpenID. Also, it might motivate me to clean up my site, archive some stuff, and all that.

Here are the two lines:

<link rel="openid.server" href="">
<link rel="openid.delegate" href="">

They go in the head element of index.html, or whatever other page loads by default when hitting the domain. The first line indicates where the server doing the heavy OpenID lifting** is located. The second line gives my OpenID over there, which if someone claiming to be wants to be authenticated, they will need to convince Dreamwidth's servers that I am If I get sick of being vouched for by Dreamwidth, I just change those two lines to a new provider (the form of the first URL varies from provider to provider, the form of the second is just the usual URL you use for OpenID). Note that I don't include my OpenID in those two lines: that is covered by the fact that those two lines can be found at Also note that I don't have to register this delegation with Dreamwidth: the only place the delegation exists is on a page I control. The whole shebang relies on the assumption that only I can go and stick code in the head element of whatever comes up at the URL of the OpenID I'm claiming.

There is a presumably out-of-date (at least no longer mainained) PHP script that lets you set up a tiny single-user OpenID server on your own machine, but almost everyone who might want an OpenID on their own domain has another OpenID sitting somewhere.

This post is basically a re-hash with commentary of the technical information I found on Stack Exchange.

*assuming you have an OpenID somewhere else

**by which I mean “lifting I don't want to do”

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I renewed my Dreamwidth subscription not too long ago. Here are some reasons why:

cut for those who don't want to be evangelized )
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I've been marvelling at how the Internet and Internet-enabled services I use day to day have been getting better lately.

Communauto has hooked up its computers to Ottawa's Vrtucar, completing a reciprocity agreement that has been a long time coming: first Communauto users got the RFID dongles that Vrtucar (and Communauto in other cities) uses, then Vrtucar started accepting reservations by phone, the Communauto publicized this fact, and now the two systems work together online. As far as I can tell, nothing bad has happened in the transition, either! This makes being a non-car-owning Ottawahullian just a bit easier, which is a good thing.

Firefox 4 took about 11 beta versions to do it, but it now runs Flash properly on my machine. It's in Release Candidate shape now. The app tabs are really very smart, even if the (optional) tab groups still kind of baffle me. Also, the add-on compatibility tester means that I can be up and running with most of my preferred add-ons before they are formally updated for FF4. I find the RC's highlighting of tabs a bit less highlight-y than before, but other than that, I am quite impressed.

ING got around to selling mutual funds to Quebec customers, added an almost no-fee chequing account, and put in configurable e-mail alerts for situations that customers might want to know about: balance getting low, cheques clearing, that sort of thing. All I want now is a programmable bank account, but we're getting pretty close, with those alerts as well as scheduled transfers to, from and within accounts.

OC Transpo's route planner has gotten much better, adding in STO buses and modernizing its look. Unfortunately, OC Transpo also made the boneheaded move of dropping public access to its route and schedule data after a small developer built a wildly useful and popular bus tracking app.
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Is anyone using the "tab groups" feature in the Firefox 4 beta? Is there an easy way to flip between groups? What benefits are you getting out of the feature, if any? It looks promising, but also a little clunky.
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Tonight, I tried Barbãr Bok, from a water glass, with plain potato chips over a game of Dominion.

The beer has some head and a modest carbonation, and is — as would be expected for a beer with 2.5% honey — sweet, and malty. I also noticed little notes of fruity, like white grape. Although the label includes an impressive list of ingredients including bitter oranges and hops, there's not much bitter. The beer is smooth and tasty. I think drinking it unaccompanied or with a light, savory snack is probably the best way to go.

In other news, after noticing that Pixel enjoyed chasing the ribbon suspended from it, we managed to give a mylar balloon from the baby shower on Saturday nearly neutral buoyancy by tying extra ribbon, a bell and some masking tape to it. The world needs more neutral buoyancy cat toys (and by cat toys, I guess I have to include all people present in the broad category of "cat").
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Hi collective DW / LJ brain (of the Ottawa-Gatineau persuasion),

Where would you go to get a relatively recent CD player fixed? It's a "mini-component" player (the speakers are detached, and the CD, radio, tape deck (!) and line in are all on the same box — it doesn't feel too dense so I hope it's easily disassemble-able), and I'd rather get it fixed than go out and get a new one, even if there's not a huge cost savings. Bonus points for being in the Downtown-to-Westboro axis or in Hull-Aylmer, being nice, personal experience and being ecologically friendly.
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Two tests this afternoon... but I’m slow to tie up the loose ends are still out there. Well, here's my surrender to not getting a grammar written today.

Very much looking forward to it.

Celebrated Mother’s Day last weekend with as many mothers from my mom's side of the family in one place as possible. There was lots of food, and us older kids kept tabs on the younger kids as we took a constitutional walk around a farm my cousin has put an offer on.

This week so far, I've debriefed with Matt on this year's run of 256, programmed, met with Emily about Lies revisited (watching the other programmer work is like having an out-of-body experience: we have the same cycle and rhythm, narrate debugging the same way, gesture the same... all he needs is more hair and no glasses... that's ME you're being there, except in PHP instead of ActionScript! Stop it!), practiced yoga, tried to straighten out a two month overlap between leases, and talked and kissed and stuff.

I also did the traditional failing of the first road test last Wednesday (on the first snowy day of the season!). The roads are safe from me for another month or so.
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I'm pretty much camped out down here by de l'Eglise with four cute furry mammals, adequately patched Internet and pretty much set up.

Back up the hill, the bugs have been hit with my latest bout of chemical warfare, this time with a thorough swabbing of the floor with bleach solution to kill any eggs 'twixt the floorboards. I fully intend to win this time. They'll now starve for a few seconds, then break two eggs over resulting mixture and stir continuously until egg is cooked and broken up. It will look like ground meat and pick up some goodies, see city hall, a soon-to-be-cut-back Marks and Spencer Food Store and the London bridge and some random bits of London. Tonight: pack, take stock, read proceedings, do whatever I’ve forgotten, and get some sleep for a day or so to unwind with the folks, pick up mail and rearrange electrical appliances to reduce the crushing fee disparity between in-province and out-of-province students, because I think that the GSA and the CSU are capable of working more closely on projects of mutual interest, and because Ezra and the rest of the world should stop whining and help the US subdue Iraq, and how our cherished freedoms and processes ought to be changed. I wish we’d talked about classes, gossip and D&D instead...
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So, this morning my rear derailleur died semi-dramatically on me (it is now hanging only by its cable), changing "I should get my bike looked at by a pro sometime this summer when I have time" to "I should get it fixed ASAP." On the first day of a transit strike, of all things.

Then, between appointments, I open up my laptop, and it freezes on me. Badly. And has been spotty in starting up and freeze-y since, thus preventing me from doing much of anything with it.

I'm going to be running around trying to resuscitate my technological extensions for a while. Goodbye productivity for the same while, probably.


Feb. 14th, 2007 09:28 am
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E-mail is unborked, it looks like stuff sent yesterday made it to me fine.
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My incoming e-mail is down, so if you need to reach me, use other channels, or comment down here (I'll check the old-fashioned way, and it's screened for your convenience).

When things are back to normal or I come up with a more elegant workaround, I'll post again.


Sep. 23rd, 2006 01:52 pm
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If I were hungry, and if I had a stack of hubs and a power bar...

I've been tweaking this cookie recipe for a couple of rounds, and it's ready to be released into the wild: starting from basic egg/peanut butter/sugar chocolate chip cookies, I kept adding stuff and tweaking the recipe:

Highbrow chocolate/peanut butter cookies

Preheat oven to 375°

Prepare with the finest ingredients... )

Consume with suitably fancy milk or coffee while discussing highbrow things.

In other news after promising an important "truc de coloc", I pulled out a recently-acquired copy of Chez Geek, and hilarity ensued (with the excuse that the geek quotient was going to be on the rise in our place, now that everyone living here or slated to live here knows the difference between a saving throw and an ability check, sometimes in multiple languages...)

Things are going pretty well over here. Lots going on as usual, but most of it's pretty good.

grab bag

May. 22nd, 2006 02:27 pm
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Scientific evidence: (almost) Nobody Stops.

Yoinked from [ profile] swestrup: a very pretty infinitely recursive photomosaic

This reminds me of the bathroom at work... where the only thing you have to touch is the flush lever on the toilet (not the urinal, nor the sink... wait, you do have to pump the soap). This leads to the problem of when you shake or splatter water in the sink: the little electronic eyes sometimes get water on them, then the water keeps running even after you leave. They need windshield wipers or something.
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From clicking on one of those location tags...
home ... times 103 000 000 home ... times 103 000 000
Google valiantly tries to find home.
I found it kind of unintentionally poignant, or something.


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