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Here are some pictures from March to recently… we made it through the chilly spring, had a baby, discovered Vivien’s career aspirations, and hit the Ormstown Fair.

Viv in a swing

Vivien at the park.

Pregnant bellies with Oscar in the middle

Chantal and Elizabeth, both pregnant.

Oscar with claw, Mum in background

Oscar with Mum's grabber claw.

L to R: Dad, Vivien

Storytime around Easter.

L to R: Anne-Christine, Elizabeth, Vivien with a Doppler heart monitor

Viv telling us she wants to be a midwife (or maybe a doctor).

Viv rubbing Elizabeth's belly

Viv clearly liked Ada early on — or Kicky, as we were calling her then (and still lapse into from time to time).

Oscar and his decorated t-shirt

I took Oscar and Viv to Ravenswing and Oscar decorated a t-shirt.

Elizabeth contemplating the garden

Elizabeth the day before Ada…

Elizabeth being mighty

Looking mighty.

Oscar and Ada snoozing together

Oscar is so big. Ada is only sort of big.

Grandma and Ada

Mum holding Ada.

Oscar carrying crash mat and Viv follwing

Getting out of the house postpartum.

Ada extreme close-up

My current lock screen.

Ada being displaced in bouncy chair by plastic blocks

Viv helpfully brought sleeping Ada some toys.

Oscar and Vivien on bench

Oscar and Viv in front of our favourite source of samosas (Kashi Market on Somerset).

Oscar on bicycle

Oscar going going going. We got a helmet on him soon after.

Viv in a big hat

I like my new hat.

Oscar on suspension bridge

Oscar on the midway obstacle course at the Fair.

Viv on Dad

At the Fair!

Viv on tractor

On an old tractor.

Viv and Oscar on tile-laying machine

This machine lays drainage tile.

Oscar and cow

Scritch the cow gently, Oscar!

Ada, Dad and Oscar behind cows

At the Macdonald Campus display at the Fair.

Oscar with curry comb on foot

Curry combs are more fun than boots.

Oscar beside his 'farm fence'

Completed infrastructure project.

Marilyn holding Ada

Marilyn on the last day of our Fair visit with Ada.

Pink spider on peony

A peony-coloured spider that came in from Mum's garden.

Viv with balloon, Oscar

I took the kids to the union-sponsored Social Justice Fair.

Viv on pile of diapers

Viv relaxing on our diaper stash.

Oscar helping Natalie grate cheese

We all got out to a community kitchen last week and helped mass-produce quiche and ratatouille.

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