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Dispatches from a happy Hullian

sometimes known as Woodgiepapa

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Created on 2010-03-22 01:28:40 (#490532), last updated 2019-04-13 (1 week ago)

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Birthdate:Aug 9
This is my main Web journal, which syncs to a similarly-named one on LiveJournal (but all the shiny new features will turn up here).

I was considering marking this journal as adult, due to drawings of human bodies and general ramblings of an adult, but really, I think both of these things shouldn't be kept behind "you must be this old to ride" signs.

Version: 3.12
GM/G/SS/FA d-@ s+:- a C++()$ UB>++ P+>++ L !E W++ !N !o K?
w$ O? M+ V? PS+(++) PE-() Y+ PGP- t 5 X- R*+ tv-->! b++>+++
DI(+) D+@ G e+++ h---- r+++() y++++(++)

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