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If you feel like it, consider yourself tagged; if not, don't!

1. I have lived in Quebec for all my life except for four months in Ottawa.
2. I have had over two dozen roommates over the years.
3. My great-grandmother was a radio personality, cookbook author and newspaper columnist who advised young wives to save their potato water for starching shirts.
4. The worm bin I started has now travelled with us through four different addresses, and the worms are still alive.
5. There are seven keys on my keychain, not counting my USB key and a RFID thingie for Communauto.
6. My laptops have been named Pico, Dawkins and Malaclypse.
7. I proposed to my wife in a horse shelter on Groundhog Day 2007.
8. I got my full driver's license only last year.
9. I was involved in assembling a kit of tools to go with a Canadian Aboriginal Syllabic font for Nunavik.
10. I play Scrabble almost every Tuesday with a group that includes people that win money at national tournaments.
11. I'm the tallest person in my immediate family.
12. I get to keep all five of my wisdom teeth, according to my dentist.
13. I've been to London (England) twice.
14. We bought our house from a woman who helped build it in 1954 and had stayed here until last summer.
15. I don't own a cell phone.
16. I'm a Discordian pope (and so are you).
17. Chances are good I will never own a car.
18. My cat and my wife came into my life within a few weeks of each other (Noisette was good conversation material when Elizabeth first came over).
19. I've worked with epidemiologists, artists, programmers, mathematicians, teachers, farmers and restaurateurs over the years.
20. I've biked between Ottawa and Montreal a few times.
21. I've medicated a rat before.
22. I've won a t-shirt in a Scrabble tournament.
23. I've never gotten a traffic or parking ticket.
24. For each diploma beyond elementary school, I've served on exactly one student government position.
25. One of my major tasks at work is helping to associate data from different sources to get more complete profiles of individuals. Like Facebook, but for the common good (mostly for research in public health.)


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