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On my way home from picking up some vacuum-cleaner parts, I ran into Shawn, who runs Atelier Denu. I'd already talked to him a bit about trying out modelling in a session, and now I'm booked to pose next Tuesday. It'll be my first time posing naked to be drawn by people who don't otherwise see me naked. Five dollars gets you in (bring your own supplies) and it's free for high school students. If you come, be nice — the regulars all are.

I once posed in various states of dress and undress for a friend's art project. I don't know if the project ever saw the light of day. It was photography of people in their clothes, her neutral-looking overalls, and naked, to investigate the role of clothing in identity if I remember right. My Google skills aren't turning anything up; I don't know if all those rolls of film even got developed (last time I asked, I don't think they had been). A couple of years ago, I looked into posing at the Ottawa School of Art, but there was lots of paperwork and it felt like they wanted you to prove that you were serious: I'm not particularly serious, just looking to try out modelling and see how it feels. I'm feeling this should be an interesting experience and a good match for that. Elizabeth has often remarked on my “shamelessness,” referring to a quality that should make me reasonably confident and natural at getting up in front of people without clothes, we'll see if it manifests on the 22nd.

Date: 2013-01-15 09:38 pm (UTC)
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you're talking about Larissa PaperScissors!

I don't think she ever did anything with it. She didn't get enough people, if I remember correctly. That and her other issues.

Date: 2013-01-15 10:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
nope, I refused.

Date: 2013-01-16 12:29 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] beable

I would never model for an artist, but this has more to do with my suspicion that I would get crampy and fidgety long before the point at which I could move. Either that or I'd be unable to resist doing my impression of the Blinking Angels (moving when everyone is looking at their drawing paper).


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