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People notice what pen they're using, and the pen supply at work is made up mostly of good pens (not Rands' favourites, but I like them).

  • The new place is not really so new, anymore, and it feels nice.
  • The thesis is marked as accepted on my transcript. Convocation next month!.
  • Work is good, I'm producing stuff and soaking up how stuff works.
  • Work is paying me regularly. I splurged a little this week and got a little red iPod so I can bring my music and podcasts to work.
  • There are enough interesting people at work to keep me busy.
  • One of Ellie's colleagues and and her husband came over last night for supper, chatting and Catan, which was really nice.
  • New D&D game up and running!
  • Pumpkin carving party next Friday (details to come).
  • Looking forward to the wedding, and thinking, "we can pull this off".
  • Cat, laundry, worms and dishes are all doing fine. Laundry's being done in a machine we own, even, and Noisette is enjoying being alpha cat in the apartment.
  • Last little bits of freelance just don't seem to end.
  • We're bracing for an expensive Hydro bill as things get colder.
  • The GSA is apparently now run by the same idiots who gutted the teaching and research assistants' union, and the first thing they did was purge the competent committee appointments. At least I did my best over my term.
  • Lots of my friends are still in Montreal. So is Metro Joannette.
  • Push buttons at intersections still suck.
  • Had to replace my back wheel due to a broken spoke that went unnoticed for too long. Boo.
  • Spent the last week kind of sick.
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I knew already that this was going to be an insane week, but it got insaner earlier today.

I blame a certain pack of antidemocratic scoundrels, and also Hydro-Qu├ębec.
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If you're a gradutate student at Concordia, you're cordially invited to the GSA open house this evening, from 4 PM on: live music from Elizabeth Bruce, Shane Watt and Tasha Cyr; food (vegan goodies from Blue Monday and pizza); drink; GSA execs and councillors; information; beautiful GSA agendas and most importantly: tons of grad students from across the university.

Where: GSA house (T annex, 2030 Mackay)
When: 4 PM 'til midnight or when people wander away (whichever comes first)

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