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It snowed again in Halifax, driving in was pretty slushy but uneventful. Elizabeth and I wandered around downtown for a bit, picking up some plane food at Freak Lunchbox (to balance out the stuff we got at the health food store in Truro) and browsing through the books and goodies along Barrington street.

We ate at a pub where the table next to us had an ever-increasing gaggle of young Tories in blue everything. The beer there was mercifully very good, and the food was satisfying.

Ginger's was pretty quiet, probably due to the weather, but one of the artists, who goes by Le Skiv, had a dedicated local fanbase who braved the "snow and shit" (which became a running stage-banter theme). Elizabeth had a real piano (I guess apartment-sized) to play, so the set included piano-molesting songs. She played under a couple of spots with a little shaded table lamp for extra light and atmosphere (unfortunately my camera is borked, so no photos unless someone else took some). After a goofy set by Richard/Thomas, we then made our way to Ryan the promoter's place, where we were loaned a big mattress behind a closed door: couch surfing gold.

This afternoon: the last show of the tour — house show in Bedford, with bonus homemade soup!


Aug. 20th, 2007 04:58 pm
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The tomatoes are ripening, the weather is nice and things seem generally under control.

Bruschetta and pasta tonight!
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Christmas was good, lots of family and food and time spent running around and getting ready with [ profile] rottenfruit. Our parents met. I had my first encounter with the nut loaf, which was excellent. We saw frozen rippled sand, like a photograph of water you can walk around (which made up for the lack of snow until yesterday). Gave and got some nice things. Came home to Verdun this evening, which was also good. It feels like home.

It's been great doing the holidays together.
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I have arrived, luggage and all, in London. The flight was turbulent at times but on time and pretty uneventful. I've found where I'm staying but have to wait for check-in time, and I've found "London's cheapest Internet cafe," which won't let me do anything laptoppy... but it'll do for now. I remember there being one that was just as cheap and laptop-friendly, out near the V&A. I just need to refresh my memory and hope they're still in business...

Last time I was here, it was sunny and unlike the London one always hears about. Now, it is cool and rainy. To complete the Authentic London thing, I will now seek out some fish and chips while waiting to be able to unpack and take a shower.
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Alive, well, and with a clear path to the end of term.

Four things to do before mid-December, two of them should be down before long (or else).

I've been out biking in the snow, discovered the Arch Café with [ profile] rottenfruit, beaten my head unsuccessfully against a Hardy inequality, eaten reasonably well and had a few good sleeps. I should be able to do this.

I've been offered some work that should help me pay for that study habit next term. More news when I get the confirmation.


Jun. 15th, 2004 02:32 pm
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Regulars have probably noticed already, but the Wikipedia just got prettier. Yummy.

I also have ternary heapsorting coded for our custom doubly linked lists in Flash. Yippee!

You know it’s windy out when your soup threatens to blow out of your spoon.


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