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Here are some pictures from the last few months of 2014. We've been having lots of fun and occasionally remembering to take pictures. Next post, maybe some of them will have Elizabeth and/or me in the frame.

Oscar with a birthday cake standing in front of a Turkish grill with cousin Adam in the background

Oscar at his birthday barbecue (in low light, but you get the idea).

Vivien looking back from bouncy castle stairs

Viv enjoying the bouncy castle at the St-Jean-Bosco harvest fair.

Oscar on a pony being led by a man

Oscar got to ride a pony at the harvest festival.

Clown, Oscar and Viv on a giant tricycle

More harvest festival.

Viv and Oscar at the piano

Piano duet.

Viv in a toy car with cookie

Viv really likes cars and cookies — this was Sebastian's birthday party in the park.

Viv in the woods

Fall colours with Viv.

Oscar on a pony with Erica and Allison

Thanksgiving pony rides with the super-cousins.

Viv on a pony with Grandpa and Erica

Viv's turn!

Viv and Oscar on a rocking horse

Our Christmas card photo.

Oscar and Viv clearing snow

Family snow shovelling.

Viv and Grandpa in the barn.

Barn visits are a highlight of our trips to my parents' place.

Oscar pushing Viv in a sled

Winter fun — Viv did start giggling eventually, but then these two were a blur.

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