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Here are some pictures from summer and early fall. Oscar is in school, Viv has had a busy schedule of activities, Ada is growing with great enthusiasm…

Viv in glasses with Grandma in the background

Viv rocking Grandpa’s reading glasses

Viv in front of a crowd in tiger make-up

Viv at the Soup Festival.

Oscar in kity make-up

…and Oscar.

Oscar with two missing teeth in the kitchen.

Hey, Tooth Fairy! She gives pretty stones in exchange for teeth at our place.

Ada in a carrier on Elizabeth

Ada is frequently alert, and somewhat portable.

Ada in Elizabeth's lap, looking at a lit birthday cake.

Ooh, fire! (For Elizabeth's birthday.)

Elizabeth under a tree with Autoharp.

Potential Serious Hippie Artist photo #1.

Elizabeth on rocks with Autoharp.

Serious Hippie Artist, now on a rock pile.

Elizabeth in a ruined barn with Autoharp.

…And with decaying outbuilding!

Elizabeth looking happy and triumphant after the photoshoot at my parents’ place. It was a fun impromptu date and part of getting ready for her first show as Libby Hortop. You should come to her 7:30 PM show on November 14 at Dépanneur Sylvestre in Hull (Fortier and Dumas) if you can make it.

Oscar with a hacksaw — what could possibly go wrong?

Oscar helping out with some guerrilla landscaping at the Medical Centre.

Oscar behind a field of mushrooms

Faerie Oscar with mushrooms in front of the local university.

Ada in ladybug costume between pumpkins.

Ada getting into Hallowe’en spookiness.

Oscar and Vivien in play wings with pumpkins.

Oscar and Vivien ready for the pumpkin carving to begin.

Ada, Oscar and a toy train.

Tummy time with train.

Oscar and Vivien at the top of a cliff.

Outdoor adventurers!

Oscar pulling a wagon full of cat food.

Oscar burning off spare energy dragging a very big bag of cat food (he did this for a bit shy of 2 km).

Pumpkin lit up at night

Viv's pumpkin, carved by Elizabeth based on her requests and drawings.

Oscar up high and Vivien down low on a vaguely maritime play structure.

Fun at the park.

Oscar up very high on a play structure.

Oscar agreed to come down only after I took this picture.

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