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Posted on the Solstice, not about it (we were rushing the ritual to avoid getting rained on hard and to get the kids home to bed — and we don’t usually take pictures at rituals, anyway). Here are some pictures from late winter and spring. I managed to get back to work and do many fun things, so pictures just kind of accumulated.

These three adorn my office wall:

Oscar on an outdoor portable climbing wall

Viv in a bear hat

Ada on a swing in a snowy park

Oscar at Powerscourt, being Oscar.

Oscar making faces by the water.

Ada in the school yard at Trille des Bois, where the kids have gone for Parent and Child group in years past.

Ada crawling in front of school buildings and dead branch

Vivien being independent.

Viv on a scooter on the street.

Ada being adventurous.

Ada on playground equipment.

Oscar mid-exploration at the Biodome.

Oscar in front of some fake rocks.

Ada and me, dressed for a sort-of-wedding.

Me in a bowtie and suspenders, holding Ada.

Elizabeth and Ada outside the feast (at my sister and her partner's unsanctioned wedding-like event).

Elizabeth and Ada in a field, with dinner roll.

Ada on her birthday. Birthday suit pics don't do on the Internet...

Ada with a cupcake outdoors in a high chair.

Viv enjoying her new camp chair thoroughly.

Viv lounging in a camp chair.

Viv in the umpire box at the local baseball diamond, or as she calls it, King Agatha's castle.

Viv by a window in a rough building.

Ada investigating soccer.

Ada with a soccer ball in a field.

Oscar and cute baby chick at the Ormstown Fair.

Oscar with a chick.

Viv didn't like all the rides, but this one was good.

Elizabeth and Viv in a bee ride.

Ada at a pool party!

Ada in the pool.
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