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This week has been hard on toothpaste stores as Ada seems to like dumping toothpaste in the toilet — especially my high-end remineralizing stuff.

It was also a week where a bunch of us Positive Space volunteers and senior managers handed out Rockets (rainbow-coloured, everyone can eat them, inexpensive) and flyers on how to contact us for listening and referral or to help out to people coming in to work in honour of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. It went well and made me happy.

I also have some pictures!

Ada ready to roll in the fall.

Ada in a go-kart in front of an old Ferguson tractor.

Christmas crowns and big smiles.

Vivien and Elizabeth smiling.  Elizabeth is wearing two paper crowns.


Ada and Vivien with child-sized chairs on their heads.

Subarbush walk.

Dad, Ada and Oscar walking in the bush.

Kids on dads II. We did this picture once before, many years ago.

Cora on Marc and Oscar on me.

Adventure Ada! I think she partly wants to keep up with Oscar’s shenanigans and is partly just good at climbing things.

Ada climbing an orchard ladder with Dad holding and Elizabeth looking on.

Oscar cleaning some fence wire, to help out Grandpa.

Oscar on the steps of my folks’ place, rubbing some wire with emery cloth.

Old school slide.

Vivien and Ada on an old slide in front of sheds and pickets.

The Big Bike in action.

Elizabeth with all three kids driving down the street on an Xtracycle.

Oscar gets in on active transport.

Oscar pretending to drive a bicycle rickshaw with Vivien and Ada in the passenger compartment.

Big bike at the Museum of Civilization — thanks to Heather for taking this one and the rickshaw one on our recent museum adventure with the kids!

Me and the kids with the bike.
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