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Baby Ada's birth was the home birth we'd been planning for — kids safely at their grandparents, midwives we knew, intensity and joy and healthy everyone at the end. Elizabeth was very independent for most of labour, as she has been before — I fetched things, let midwives in, helped keep things clean and was just being present up into late pushing. We'd talked about my maybe catching Ada, but in the end I was busy holding Elizabeth and crying a bit as she pushed the last few times. I got to cut the cord, as I have for Oscar and Vivien. At home in our space was a nice place for a birth, and I felt quite involved.

Ada is pretty laid-back so far, and looking around a lot. She has a powerful suck, curious hands and neck and a variety of unconvinced facial expressions. She also sleeps really well in the baby carrier!

Elizabeth and I got a chance to give the baby carrier a whirl yesterday when our friend Seema generously offered to take the older two over to her place for a couple of hours. Thanks to her, we got to walk over to Brasseurs du Temps and have a little anniversary lunch date. Seven years of vaguely sacrilegious matrimony and crazy adventures! Our conversation was more sleep-deprived than deep, but it was really nice to make some time for our little dyad, and Ada helpfully snoozed almost the whole time. Also, BDT has really gotten comfortable in its skin and gotten into a refined and interesting beer groove. There was one unfortunate server comment about "ladies' beer" – La Grande Rivière is a tart, citrusy smacker of a beer that happens to be pink (and delicious to me and not Elizabeth's thing). Silly server. The presence of a tasty 2.4% session IPA (good for easing back into regular beer after 9 months on the pregnancy wagon) was exciting, though.
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Some of what's happened in the past two months and happening this month:

We sealed the deal on the piano. It is in the living room.

I am developing my survey skills for six weeks and liking it.

I will be in Peterborough and T.O. in a couple weeks.

I've had nice meals with a few people for the first time (each), parties too.

I keep getting more and more units with each RRSP purchase.

I've started DMing a 3.5 gaming group in our front room.

Two Thanksgivings were really tasty and laid back; lots to be thankful for.

Some shows, some driving, some friends left for way out west, and a wedding.


Jun. 7th, 2008 08:52 am
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Who knows just how well this translates into modern terms:


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Due to the advent of modern role flexibility, I bring you this, too:


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

It seems a lot pickier. I bet I lost points for walking around the house in sock feet.


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