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  • Vivien's first tooth has surfaced! Left central lower incisor, for people keeping score at home. She's still teething-cranky, maybe because it isn't completely in, maybe because there are more coming, or both.
  • I think we almost heard a giggle from her last night. Or a chortle. Or something. Close enough.
  • Oscar has a new, bigger mattress, courtesy of Shawn who organizes Atelier Denu. He needed the space for books, and was giving it away. Oscar finds it bouncy and acceptable, and it fits in his room without too much furniture rearrangement.
  • Oscar's old mattress has been installed in a toddler bed as a "sidecar" beside ours for Vivien. Now we have our bed to ourselves, sort of, and all Elizabeth or Vivien have to do is roll over for baby maintenance.
  • We'll all have our first Rideau Canal experience of the year (and lifetime, for Vivien, and maybe Oscar's first one on skates) today, with my parents, my sister, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's parents, my cousin, my cousin-in-law and their son (whew, need a diagram?).
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I saw what I'm pretty sure was an ermine in winter fur at the playground the other day. I'd never seen one before, so thought it might be exciting, but apparently they are pretty invasive little critters that have a huge range including here that are in no danger at all, so I guess it was just a first for me rather than particularly newsworthy.
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Yesterday Elizabeth, Oscar and I skated (and rode in a stroller, as appropriate) down to Pig Island and back along the Rideau Canal, and had tasty hot food from the Stone Soup truck and ritual beaver tails. No deportation back to Montreal this year :)


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