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Here are some selected photos from 2015 so far — we get out, we weave stories, we make trouble and go to things.

Oscar and Vivien looking at each other with the piano and a grownup in the background.

The kids looking at each other... another photo post!

'Watch out for a train' sign in front of a toy train crossing.

Oscar gets Elizabeth to transcribe things for him.

Toy animals in fron to 'No animals allowed in the gym' sign.

Oscar also has strong feelings of where animals should not be.

Animals in front of a 'They should go in the zoo instead' sign

…and where they should go instead.

Viv and Elizabeth bundled up in glorious scarves.

Viv and Elizabeth bundled up.

Viv and Oscar making faces.

Making faces at home.

Oscar with apron on and pizza in hand.

Oscar went to his friend's cooking-themed birthday party and made pepperoni pizza.

Viv at a ship's wheel in a captain's hat.

Viv at the Children's Museum.

Oscar, Elizabeth and Viv at a picnic table on the ice, eating Beaver Tails.

We have made it out on the canal and eaten Beaver Tails again this year — we keep our regional citizenship for another year!

Oscar in a newspaper box.
Oscar bursting forth from a newspaper box

Things that happen while waiting for the bus. This one really spurred me to get this post up.

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