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Ada is ten days old today. She's 10% heavier than at birth, doing all the infant things, looking around a bunch, and has completely skipped "newborn" as a clothing size. I think I have the transition to parental leave more or less down this time — a few days of leave before the birth were a nice ease-in, and now I'm definitely coffee-powered but I've more or less hit my stride. I've been getting out on errands and park adventures with the kids and look forward to hanging out with lovely people (and their kids where applicable) in local parks. The older kids are having some adjustment pains — Viv is angling for mama cuddles and frustrated when there's a baby in the way, and both of them require a long wind down to sleep at the end of the day.

We have a nice steel roof! We had our moments when we thought we'd get a baby first, but the contractors pulled through and got it done. We had a stressful week or so where work had disrupted electricity to most of the upstairs including our phone and Internet plug — we had a solution involving an extension cord to the kids' room, but we weren't going to leave it plugged in while they slept, so we had greatly reduced communications — in a situation where we might've wanted to round up midwives and child care on short notice, it wasn't the best time for forced simplification, but in the end the contractors' electrician got things working before we really needed them.

The garden delay due to workers was actually a boon to us as the tomato plants weren't in the ground on those chilly nights after Victoria Day. Now we have a nice variety in (thanks for the swaps, [ profile] wisewomanjudith!) as well as some fancy peppers and eggplant and some humdrum-but-tasty squash (bought from Sarah's new outfit, Beat Greens Gardens).

One small downer is that my allergies are pretty wild lately, even with desloratadine and drops. Maybe it's time to switch meds. What're people finding good these days? Drowsiness hasn't been a side effect I get; Reactine kept me up.

In general, I'm in a groove — a tired one but a good one — and life is pretty good and full of possibilities.
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I'm now pretty much wholly at the new² place. We're still picking our way through stuff that needs unpacking, reassembling and stowing, but things that need hooking up are hooked up, and the bulk of our stuff is here, thanks to Allied Movers (who were friendly, efficient and broke absolutely nothing as far as we can tell) and my uncle and his wife (likewise, and they brought us pizza despite my offering to feed them). It's chaos, but it feels like home already. We've put down some "Thames green" paint in places, patched up the white in others, cleaned, hooked up the appliances, taken out the initial trash, and generally started bending the place to our will. We've made coffee and toasted bagels so far, so the kitchen is coming along!

There's still some mop-up to do at the old new place, but we'll be out of there pretty soon.

I also tried out Inkscape, and I think it's definitely a keeper. It runs smoothly in X11, and makes sense to someone who's got basic mucking skills in Illustrator. The tutorials are also quite straightforward, yet treat the reader like a geek who's had enough coffee to get their brain working already.

The binge of figures that will illustrate what I'm thinking in the thesis will be upwards of 80% done in Inkscape. Met with Fred to set some more milestones and talk committee, and things are looking good. I'm going to set up the office in the new place today, I'm sharing with the cat den and the sewing machine (and a lot of boxes, for now).

Crashed at Owen's place on Wednesday after meeting Fred, ate Chinese food, watched Serenity and the Firefly pilot (the movie was excellent, and the pilot will probably have me renting the series in the fall). Something not-funny was happening with the plumbing there, so I also bailed grey water from the sink to the tub in a wok a couple times. If you live in a building with a no-dishwashers policy, then there may be a reason. Be nice to the guy in the basement apartment, mmmkay?

Adobe Reader 8's font "smoothing" on Palatino is a disgraceful, snaggly mess.

Lattice theory is neat. I've got my library card for the National Library so I can grab some books locally.


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